10 Ways to Improve Your Website to Attract More Business

Leverage your site to capture leads When clients come to Kinesis and ask us to design a website for their company, they often don’t know of all of the exciting ways to leverage their website to capture leads, build customer loyalty, and differentiate their company from the competition. So, to help give you ideas, here […]

Want to Know the ROI of Social Media?

  Kinesis clients are asking the big questions: “What is the ROI of Social Media? and “How do I measure the ROI of social media?” And these are great questions that companies should be asking. Unfortunately, there is no one answer. While we can certainly obtain some metrics through tools like Twitter Search and Google […]

Choosing your words wisely: Rules for web writing and SEO

  My friend Bob (website designer and SEO junkie) just conducted a little experiment – he wanted to see if people responded to the word “webinar” or “online training” more often. Turns out it matters what words you use…simply changing “webinar” to “online training” boosted click-throughs by over 100% What does this mean for your […]

The Social Media Revolution

Big Props to my business partner, Wendy Maynard, for a fantastic Social Media Bootcamp. Thanks to all the great attendees who made for a sold-out crowd! As a quick follow-up to the event, I’m posting a copy of Wendy’s presentation (PDF Slidesare) and the video “Social Media Revolution” – a fantastic overview of what’s going […]

Social Media Marketing for Business

It’s time to rethink your marketing strategy to include social media as part of your toolkit. Because the rules have changed – a LOT. Let’s go back…oh, let’s say about 5 years or so. And in this not-so-distant past, a company could simply call the newspaper or the radio and just run a few ads […]

Lifetime Customer Value (LCV) Calculator

As a follow-up to this earlier post, I thought I’d provide a hand-dandy little Excel spreadsheet that you can use to compute marketing project budgets. This spreadsheet addresses more than just the LCV – you can actually use this to sheet to calculate retention rate, for instance). It’s a great tool you can download directly […]

Setting a Marketing Budget: Lifetime Customer Value

At Kinesis, the #1 question I get is, “How much will it cost?” To which I say, “What’s your budget?” I know this sounds a tad flip, but the reality is the driving force behind a marketing effort should not be the price of the project. On the contrary: the emphasis behind any marketing effort […]