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A Purpose-Driven Approach to Business

Introducing A New Kind of Small Business Community

So much of the opportunity for useful and meaningful work comes from small businesses. The problem: in our economy, the odds are stacked against small. The more capital you already have, the more you’ll likely get. Over time, this leads to growing inequalities, a loss of variety, and less innovation.

The Catalyst community is here to change that. We see the potential of small businesses to offer work that contributes real value on many levels, and we want to help bring it forth. Instead of trying to replicate business best practices geared toward large, we catalyze what’s possible for small.

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About Kinesis

Kinesis is a small business strategy firm, dedicated to helping the purpose-driven organizations that fuel our economy and create meaningful jobs. Our right-fit clients come to us for help taking their business from good to great, and great to remarkable.

The leaders we get to work with see small business as an engine of growth, strong communities, and upward mobility. We created the Catalyst Community to bring those leaders together and amplify their impact.


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