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What's Possible Now:
Defining the Future of Small Business

Friday, November 13, 2020
9am – 3pm PST


We're glad to have you here! Click the link below to join the Catalyst Main Room at 9am, and see the agenda for Zoom links for all sessions. You may want to keep this page open throughout the day as a quick reference.

Questions about the event? Still need to register? Contact Lauren Post: lauren@kinesis.team


Unleash your small business potential.

So much of the opportunity for useful and meaningful work comes from small businesses. The problem: in our economy, the odds are stacked against small. Not to mention, the least common denominator of advice (that applies to any and all businesses) rarely works. Instead of trying to replicate business best practices geared toward the corporate behemoths of the world, we want to catalyze what’s possible for the small but mighty companies that make work worth doing.

In this inaugural Catalyst Summit, we’re bringing together a select group of purpose-driven small business leaders to share ideas and ask better questions. We intend to challenge the assumptions of how successful business is run, and move away from prescriptive answers toward “what ifs.”

This is an exclusive event, geared toward bright business minds and bold new strategies. If you’re reading this, it means we’d like to add your perspective to the conversation. Please be prepared to have your camera on, as we look forward to everyone’s active participation. We’ll be exploring:

  • How to diversify your client base and create meaningful differentiation
  • Why the traditional org chart is broken (and what to do instead)
  • The importance of meaningful KPIs — no, not the ones you’ve been tracking
  • How to scale culture in a constantly evolving workplace environment
  • And much more...

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