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Catalyst 2021

The Future of Work is Human

Join us for an exclusive virtual event bringing together purpose-driven business leaders.

We’re thrilled to bring the Catalyst Summit back for a second year, and this time YOU have the power to shape the event. Discuss the topics most relevant to your business, make real connections with likeminded peers, and walk away with actionable strategies you can implement right away.

This year, we’ll explore the most vexing challenge on the horizon: humans.


Friday, November 12, 2021
9am – 2pm PST


Who should attend?

The Catalyst Summit is designed for purpose-driven small business leaders across a wide range of industries. Curious whether it’s right for you? Here is a breakdown of last year’s attendees:

I thought the 2020 Catalyst Summit was terrific—a truly engaging program with great speakers and great audience participation. As always for me with good events, the best part was connecting with smart people doing interesting things.


loren feldman

Founder at 21 Hats


The future of work is human.

The business world is coming out of one of the most uniquely challenging periods in recent history. COVID-19 exposed new truths about the way business is run — and in particular, how we build, grow, and nurture a healthy workforce.

You’ve heard terms like “The Great Resignation” and “The Turnover Tsunami.” As the meaning of work has changed for so many, employers are now struggling to find workers (any workers, let alone the right fits for the right roles). It’s clear that we’re long overdue for a new approach. What should it look like?

In our second annual Catalyst Summit, we’re bringing together a select group of purpose-driven small business leaders to begin to answer this question.

We’ll be exploring:

  • How to create connection and build community — virtually
  • Human behavior and the new sales paradigm
  • Adapting business models away from mechanistic thinking
  • How to engage and retain employees in a COVID world
  • Balancing people and profitability as you scale culture
  • And much more...

This event is geared toward bright business minds and bold new strategies. When you register, let us know what topics you're most interested in!

The topics were engaging, and the speakers provided real-life examples of how they were overcoming issues that many entrepreneurs face. It wasn’t as much of a presentation as it was a conversation with group input and sharing.


brandon gray

Partner at Carr, Riggs & Ingram

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