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The Anchor Price

In this 21 Hats podcast episode, Shawn Busse, Paul Downs, and Liz Picarazzi discuss their strategies for anchor pricing, or the first number they offer to prospective customers.

Introducing ‘The Spark’

‘The Spark’ is when business leaders stand right on the cusp of opportunity, but need a little extra oomph to move from inspiration to transformation. Keep an eye on the Kinesis blog for this new series.

Why I Sold 21 Hats

Kinesis CEO Shawn Busse joined Jay Goltz and Karen Clark Cole to discuss the sale of 21 Hats and what it could mean for the small business community.

We Are Survivors

Kinesis CEO Shawn Busse joined Jay Goltz and Liz Picarazzi to share the lessons they’ve learned during the pandemic and whether their businesses are weaker or stronger as a result.

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