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Introducing ‘The Spark’

Introducing ‘The Spark’

At Kinesis, thinking big is our specialty — which is why we partner with small businesses that have visionary ideas and a wealth of untapped potential. Our goal? To capture and amplify these big ideas, transforming a-ha moments into long-term, compounding impact.

We call these moments ‘The Spark’ — when business leaders stand right on the cusp of opportunity, but need a little extra oomph to move from inspiration to transformation. That’s where Kinesis comes in: helping businesses turn their ‘spark’ into a world ablaze with opportunity.

In our new series, we’ll shine a light on these stories, illuminating how our partnership led to greater insights and true transformation for the small businesses we work with. We’re kicking things off with a few of our favorites — Loupe, G4 Kegs, and Solid Form. Check them out below, and keep an eye out on the Kinesis blog for more small business stories to ignite and inspire.


Shoving robotics into the 21st century

Loupe’s spark was Shuv — a proprietary offering enabling engineers to remotely push updates to any machine, from anywhere. We rallied behind this idea and helped ignite it with a distinct brand identity, customer experience, and go-to-market strategy, kindling a new revenue stream for their business.

G4 Kegs

When others batten down hatches, hoist up the sails

For G4 Kegs, the spark came in the form of becoming a new kind of keg supplier — one that prioritized meaningful partnerships in a time when the brewing industry was aflame. We helped them develop product, positioning, and messaging strategy to emerge as an industry leader.

Solid Form

Stop overcomplicating employee engagement

At Solid Form, the spark started as a question around employee engagement, kindling a flame under a team that craved more robust and creative projects. By leveraging their insights, we helped re-position their business to attract more high-profile jobs, igniting greater engagement across their team.

Every business has a spark. What’s yours?

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