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The Spark: When others batten down hatches, hoist up the sails

The Spark: When others batten down hatches, hoist up the sails

What would you do if all of your customers stopped buying from you tomorrow? How about if the cost of your raw materials quadrupled overnight? What if your entire industry came under investigation, or if massive tariffs were levied on your product? Better yet, what if all of this happened at the same time?

That was the question faced by G4 Kegs, as the brewing industry and steel goods were hit blow after blow. And just when it seemed things couldn’t get any worse? Along came a global pandemic.

Weathering this storm was no small feat. At a certain point, it makes sense to cut your losses and close up shop. (And in fact, many did.)

…But G4 Kegs wasn’t just any business.


Rather than calling it quits, they doubled down on showing up as a new kind of industry partner — one that explored new revenue streams, pricing strategies, and even deeper levels of engagement with their clients. Because they had invested in a diverse fleet of manufacturing suppliers, they were able to stay competitive with pricing. By working with a financing partner, they could offer more flexible options to customers without cash flow (a godsend for many).

Kinesis worked with G4 to develop a product strategy and campaign, driving new business toward keg leasing as a competitive advantage. We then worked together to develop strategic messaging around pricing and inventory, bringing customers into the conversation and leading industry dialogue.

In other words, while their competitors retreated from risk, G4 leaned into the wind... making them even more resilient when the skies did finally clear.

This positioning has set a new standard for both keg suppliers and strategic partnerships. With the industry turned upside-down and the competitive landscape forever changed, G4 Kegs has emerged from the pandemic as the leading keg supplier in North America — and ready for whatever tomorrow’s forecast brings.

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