Who we work with

Kinesis works with a broad array of B2B companies, ranging from big data analytics to contract electronics manufacturing. However, all Kinesis clients are service-centric – and share a few things in common:

  • They have gross sales from $2mm–$30mm.
  • They have a long sales cycle with low volumes and high margins.
  • They have a unique approach that uses client education to accelerate sales.



In addition, we provide maximum value by working with people who align with our values and mission of transformation. The owners and leaders of our client companies:

  • Are forward-thinking and strategic.
  • Hunger for new insights and approaches to business.
  • Want to grow a sustainable business with a strong, well-known brand.
  • Are interested in positioning their company as a leader in their field.
  • Care deeply about customer experience.
  • Want a vibrant internal culture that runs smoothly and attracts the top talent.
  • Seek a consistent marketing execution rhythm.
  • Understand that marketing operates most effectively when it integrates with business strategy, company culture, and sales outreach.
  • Have read (or want to read) some of our favorite books.



We’re changing the game of marketing.

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