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  • Launched New Name & Brand Identity
  • Identified Proprietary Way
  • Created New Visual Sales Resources
  • Increased Right-Fit Clients
  • Doubled Headcount

Loupe (formerly Automation Resources Group) is on a mission to revolutionize the robotics automation industry. Where other companies respond to RFPs, Loupe designs an entire machine concept for free. Where others produce bloated project scopes that can span years, Loupe commits to a complete deliverable in the next six weeks. In everything they do, they seek to turn industry standards on their heads.

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The company had been around for 10 years, and I was excited about our team and the work we were doing. But as we tried to scale, we had a hard time connecting with new customers. We had something special, but it was impossible to see from the outside.

David Nichols

David Nichols

CEO & Co-Founder
Loupe Office Space

The robotics automation industry is accustomed to failed designs, long timelines, and broken budgets — and improvements are incremental at best. David Nichols and Karl Robrock knew their team at Automation Resources Group had a special way of working — one that was more efficient and produced better results. How would they communicate this to a market entrenched in the standard approach?

I came to Kinesis saying, ‘I need more sales, I need a new website.’ And they turned around and said, ‘Well, first you have to know who you are.’ It required a total shift in mindset. You have to focus on the foundation first — once that part is clear, everything else falls into place.

David Nichols

David Nichols

CEO & Co-Founder

In order to change minds, we had to change the conversation. In an industry driven by problem solving, the Loupe team knew they wanted to go further than just solving problems — and partner with companies who were as enthusiastic about revolution as they were.

We began by building a brand that highlights their talented team and unique, collaborative approach. Starting with a name change from Automation Resources Group, we created a new identity centered around the concept of functionalism, or the idea that simple is better. The name Loupe embodies this, and captures the idea of taking a closer look. The Loupe brand highlights this passionate team’s proprietary way of working and the revolutionary machines that result.

The rename process was surprising to me — I said, ‘So you’re telling me I’m just going to go to a meeting and you’re going to present to me the new name of our company?’ They pitched me three names based on the exploration they had done, and I remember being 45 minutes into a 2-hour meeting and we were already done, the name was decided. That really is how it worked.

– David Nichols, CEO & Co-Founder
Loupe Band Foundations Handout
Loupe Brand Foundations Handout
Loupe Business Card
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This new brand was constructed around Loupe’s vision for a right-fit, revolutionary client. Then, we worked closely with the Loupe team to uncover their sources of power: a unique, collaborative, iterative process unheard of anywhere else in their space.

We helped to shape this process so their remarkability would be easily understood and communicated. The result was a set of productized services and visual tools to convey them, arming their team with the ability to speak clearly and effectively about what they do and why it matters.

Loupe Process Illustration

Turns out, working with professional communicators is really powerful. We would talk talk talk, and someone who has no idea what we do could say, ‘Did you mean, revolution?’ And that IS the word I meant! How did they do that? When people could say who we were better than we could, that was shocking to me. That is what’s inside! And now outsiders can see it! They didn’t have to be here for 10 years to get it. It is possible. It takes a lot of trust. And when it’s that simple and clear, it feels effortless.

– David Nichols, CEO & Co-Founder

This enabled us to create a culture of affinity around Loupe’s proprietary concepts, leveraging a variety of online channels to engage with their audience in new and meaningful ways. In addition to their existing library of branded videos, we helped create a custom, live-streamed reality TV show highlighting their team, process, and approach to work.

Filming Live @ Loupe
Filming Live @ Loupe
Filming Live @ Loupe
Filming Live @ Loupe

In refining the company identity and outlining their remarkable way of doing business, Loupe now attracts only the kinds of customers and employees they’d be excited to work with. As a result, they’ve effectively turned the traditional sales funnel upside-down. Rather than casting a wide net and then filtering down to viable opportunities, they are now in the enviable position of cherry-picking the work that comes to them.

I’m a converted engineer. A lot of business owners — especially of B2B technical companies — have an analytical view of the world. They’re spreadsheet-minded. And the thing about expressing who you are is that it’s not an analytical process; computers can’t do it. But that doesn’t mean it’s not real.

Now, instead of trying to go out and knock doors down, we’ve turned ourselves into a magnet for right-fit customers, which makes things clearer and more efficient for everybody. But that doesn’t show up on a spreadsheet until much later.

– David Nichols, CEO & Co-Founder

Now, it’s remarkable to look back on where we started with Loupe and the work we’ve accomplished together. The company went from a small, unknown automation shop to having Fortune 50 companies knocking on their door in just a few short years. We can only imagine what’s possible a few years from now, and we’re eager to be a part of it.

We’ll say, ‘I had this idea…’ and we hand it to Kinesis, and they come back with something ten times better than anything we could’ve come up with. That’s what’s cool — the mutual trust, and what that means for the collaboration. We’re able to do great work together because of it.

David Nichols

David Nichols

CEO & Co-Founder
Loupe Brainstorm

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