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Streimer has been part of the Portland landscape for the better part of the last century, and we met them during a recent phase of rapid growth and transformation. As such, they sought to refresh their brand, website, and company in a way that would pay respect to their long heritage, while also ushering in this new chapter of their evolution.

Our goals with Streimer were to bridge the gap between a history of tradition and a modern future. We worked closely with the Streimer team to articulate and operationalize their mission, values, and vision — then align those brand foundations with a new visual identity which united past and future. Capitalizing on the principles of forward momentum, agility, teamwork, and victory, we built a new look and feel to better tell Streimer’s story to the world.

While our initial marketing needs were to revamp our website, through talking with Kinesis we realized that we needed more. The process of developing our mission, vision, and values was great; it helped us to build culture.

Steven Streimer


It was this idea — bridging the gap between past and future — that brought us to a brand story that “goes the extra mile.”

Capitalizing on the principles of forward momentum, Kinesis leveraged Formula One as the inspiration behind Streimer’s new logo, look, and feel. It reflects Streimer’s commitment to win together, and the steps and people that are part of the journey across the finish line.

We initially wanted to design a new website, but Kinesis’ approach to dive deeper turned out way better than we had hoped. It really united our executive team by identifying and getting everyone on the same page with our mission, vision, and values. Kinesis does tremendous work.

Steven Streimer


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