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  • Decreased Client Risk Concentration
  • Uncovered & Amplified Strategic Advantage
  • Created New Brand Identity & Website
  • Diversified Client & Project Portfolios

Treske is a precision machine shop serving the nation’s aerospace and defense industries, and they’re one of Kinesis’ longest-standing client partnerships. As a company that manufactures parts for advanced aircrafts, laser-guided drones, and robotic probes… suffice to say that there’s no room for human error. They needed a partner who was just as sharp as they were.

Treske Quality Control Process
Theo Treske
Treske Logo

If you know anything about manufacturing and precision machining, then you know the last 30 years haven’t been kind. Outsourcing, cheap competition, and automation have made the business harder than ever before. Yet when we started working with Treske, they were well aware of what could happen in the absence of action.

Like many businesses, Treske had built their organization around a single, high-producing client (what we affectionately call an “800-Pound Gorilla”). Cautious of this concentration risk, they knew they needed to bring in a new set of customers… however, they struggled to differentiate themselves from competitors who boasted all the same machines and equipment. President Theo Treske sought to define the company’s value proposition and diversify its customer base.

Basically, we had a set of capabilities that were largely defined by our capital equipment and the job management systems we had in place. The more a customer’s requirements line up to our equipment and systems... the more our competitive advantage. But we wanted to go further than that.

Theo Treske

Theo Treske


We worked with Treske to uncover their strategic advantage, one that no other precision machine shop could compete with: their proprietary client portal that provides Amazon-like logistics. This tool, which provides real-time data to customers about product quality, cost, and delivery, gives Treske a significant competitive edge. We built a plan to communicate this value proposition to a targeted set of new customers, as well as collaborated with the leadership team to rebuild Treske’s entire brand platform.

Treske People & Culture
Treske Tracking System
Treske Employee & Vertical Magazine Area
Treske Robot Motion
Treske Facility
Treske Control Room

It’s not that big of a deal to have the equipment — anybody could have it. It’s about how you use it. Kinesis helped us define what we were out to do, which was to ‘Redefine American Machining.’ What we meant by that was our ability to leverage technology by maximizing productivity per employee. When all the work went overseas, we had to develop a way to be cost competitive from a global perspective.

Scott Ferguson, Treske Business Development Manager

Scott Ferguson

Business Development Manager

In our near decade-long partnership, we helped build a brand that conveyed their mission of innovation, and a website that showcased their expertise. Treske is a unique partnership, since we’ve been working together for so long that the company has gone through multiple evolutions, and outgrew their first website with us!

To usher in the next stage of their evolution, we rebuilt their website from the ground up, showcasing their impressive engineering, proprietary project tracking systems, and measurable performance indicators. Their new site is a representation of everything Treske holds dear, including innovation, systems, and real-time results.

Treske Website
Treske Hat & Brochure
Treske Stationery

It’s not just messaging on our website — we live and die by this stuff. It’s our approach to giving clients that well-rounded experience with a progressive-thinking company.

Scott Ferguson, Treske Business Development Manager

Scott Ferguson

Business Development Manager
Treske Orange Part - Blue Background
Treske Gold Parts - Orange Background
Treske Brass Part - Blue Background
Treske Black Part - Orange Background

The Treske team is going places — they are now a respected leader in the aerospace and defense industry, and we’re proud of the 100+ jobs we’ve helped preserve and grow in our community. And that 800-Pound Gorilla? He’s been replaced by a diversity of clients, projects, and industries.

The manufacturing market has undergone so much change in the last 5–10 years, it’s difficult to predict what it will look like in the next 10. We continue to adapt and develop our resources to align to customer needs. Thanks to Kinesis, we have a good understanding of what we’re capable of and continually search for new opportunities. It’s been great having a strong group of knowledgeable/creative people that enjoy this type of challenge.

– Theo Treske, President

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