How can we marry past and future to form a cohesive business identity?”

In 2014, Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership (OMEP) reached a fundamental turning point: While the organization had been around since 1996, new leadership and resources enabled more ambitious business goals than ever before. OMEP grappled with the challenge of how to unify the company’s vast history with their new strategic direction, and communicate this identity more consistently and effectively.

Specifically, they sought to be a resource to Oregon manufacturers – in more ways than one. From frequent educational workshops to their unique host of consultation services, OMEP’s vision was to become Oregon’s first choice for manufacturing advancement.

In our work together, Kinesis has helped OMEP codify their brand foundations and build a cohesive business strategy and marketing program – and we couldn’t be prouder of the results.



growth in Summit attendance


increase in social traffic


increase in network membership

Business and marketing alignment

While OMEP’s staff had distinguished themselves in all aspects of manufacturing expertise, the company lacked both a common language to articulate their differentiators, as well as the tools necessary to build sustainable marketing infrastructure.

To this end, OMEP sought out two complimentary solutions: an internal Marketing and Events Manager, and Kinesis – to help articulate the OMEP story and carry that message across multiple channels and platforms.

Together, we’ve helped OMEP launch a new website, execute statewide marketing campaigns, and expand to new regional markets – and we’re just getting started.

“The organization had changed significantly; we wanted to identify what that meant for us and our clients. We really connected with the Kinesis model, since it mirrors our own organization’s commitment to transformation. They helped us build our marketing foundation.”

Jasmine Agnor

Manufacturing a better tomorrow

Through our strategic planning process, Kinesis helped OMEP align on a mission, vision, and set of core values to propel the company forward – then set forth a robust marketing plan to help realize OMEP’s ambitious growth goals.

In our first year together, we turned our attention to OMEP’s signature event: the Oregon Manufacturers’ Summit. Working in tandem with Marketing and Events Manager Jasmine Agnor, we developed an event brand, theme, and website – as well as an email invite series and day-of marketing collateral.

“When Kinesis suggested a review of our mission, vision, and values… I was skeptical. We had been through that type of work before. But their novel approach helped us really connect with our origins and articulate what makes us tick. The work was game-changing for us – and now, we’ve never had a better handle on how we deliver value to customers. “

Chris Scherer
President, OMEP

“I love the partnership aspect – the way we can brainstorm and problem solve together. Kinesis has done a great job of getting to who we are as an organization, and helping us make decisions that are good for our company.”

Jasmine Agnor

The road ahead

Thanks to replicable marketing frameworks, we’ve helped OMEP to scale their efforts to take on more exciting projects. Today, we’re working on developing new curricula, enhancing internal communications, and broadening their offerings to bring new critical services to market.

We are humbled to be able to work with an organization so resolutely dedicated to Oregon’s thriving manufacturing communities. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our partnership with OMEP, and contributing to their mission of results.

“Kinesis often goes above and beyond what I would expect from a marketing firm. If you’re looking for someone to build a website and then never hear from them again, don’t work with Kinesis. But if you want a partner, and to think of marketing not as a cost center but as a sales and lead generator, Kinesis is right for you.”

Jasmine Agnor
Marketing communications & Events Manager, OMEP