As a rapidly growing company, how do I build the necessary infrastructure to help my business scale?”

When we met Corios in 2013, the company was ready to take business to the next level. Privy to the risks associated with speedy expansion, President Robin Way wanted to make sure he had a solid business foundation to avoid any wheels falling off the bus – and a marketing strategy in place to support his continued growth goals.

A management analytics consulting firm, Corios offers applied statistical and econometric expertise to businesses in the banking, insurance, and energy industries. The company helps its clients improve profitability by harnessing the power of data to make informed business decisions.

It goes without saying that communicating these services to an unfamiliar audience was no simple task, and Corios sought comprehensive marketing framework – including everything from strategy to design.

During our partnership, we’ve helped build a new brand, website, and marketing strategy – in addition to developing the necessary internal infrastructure to help the business scale. As a result, Corios saw astronomical revenue growth and significant ROI on marketing spend.


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A brand as smart as the business

While Corios’ sales efforts were strong, they lacked a marketing platform by which to bring qualified leads to their door. A few candidates were considered for an internal marketing position, but it quickly became clear that the company’s needs were too vast for a single person to serve.

Corios and Kinesis joined forces to develop a new visual identity that would help articulate their remarkability.

“I believe in the power of brand positioning. I needed a marketing strategy, plan, the ability to execute, and a partner to help me along. I found that in Kinesis, and so much more.”

Robin Way
President, Corios

Making data science sexy

Through our strategic planning process, we helped Corios hone in on their company mission, vision, and values, and set forth key initiatives to propel the business forward.

In addition to pursuing potential customers directly, we identified a strategy for marketing to referrers and centers of influence. We also assisted in developing their proprietary business approach, the Corios Way.

We worked together to conceptualize their business offering through the metaphor of music – orchestrating complex datasets into a cohesive, harmonious entity. This theme was woven throughout their logo, visual identity, and website.

“As a business owner, my focus is on action. But Kinesis made me stop and think about who Corios is and what’s important to me. I was forced to ponder some hard truths, and it’s made all the difference. The incredible growth we’ve had is in part directly attributable to the efficient communication of our differentiators.”

Robin Way
President, Corios

A vision for the future

With strategic brand positioning and a framework for company growth, we’re now helping Corios with lead generation campaigns, and refining their solutions offerings to target specific companies and industries. We are thrilled for the opportunity to work with a company like Corios, and look forward to seeing what the future has in store.

“Thanks to Kinesis, our marketing strategy is thoughtful, effective, top-to-bottom comprehensive, and paired with amazing design and delivery. Ours is an exceptionally successful partnership, and I recommend Kinesis for any professional service firm.”

Robin Way
President, Corios