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Team Kinesis Spotlight: Andrea Bailey

Team Kinesis Spotlight: Andrea Bailey

Andrea Bailey

Andrea Bailey


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The first half of 2017 at Kinesis in one word? Growth. While we’ve been welcoming a new record number of right-fit clients, we also expanded our team to make sure we’re ready to guide each one of them through their transformation. One of our newest additions to the creative force that is the Kinesis team is Andrea Bailey.

Building on a decade of marketing experience and her forté of translating complex information into actionable insight, Andrea works with clients to…

  • Uncover and communicate their remarkability
  • Develop impactful marketing strategies
  • Bridge the gap between big vision and tactical next steps

Read more about Andrea's unique background and contributions to our team in this week's Kinesis Team Spotlight!



Thanks for joining us today, Andrea! Let's start with a question about your background: It sounds like you’ve worked in all kinds of marketing environments - how do you draw upon that here at Kinesis?

You’re right, I’ve worked with a lot of different organizational structures, cultures, and personalities - from solo entrepreneurs to a giant corporation. I have been an independent consultant and part of in-house marketing teams.

On one hand, that breadth of experience taught me to recognize patterns across scales and industries. On the other, it made me more flexible in tuning my approach to each specific challenge. And I’ve just been in the game long enough to realize it’s always changing. It’s exciting to strike that balance of time-tested wisdom and emerging possibilities with our clients at Kinesis!

And it's exciting for us to have you here! What made you decide to come on board with Kinesis?

After five years as a consultant, I was craving that amazing synergy that happens when you work with people who bring different strengths and perspectives to the table. And I could tell right away that Kinesis has a phenomenal line-up of a team!

What’s equally important is the culture in which collaboration takes place, and again, Kinesis knocks it out of the park here. It’s hard to get culture right, and to evolve it as a company grows. I love that we can use our own experience when we help clients do that for their teams.

Tell us about a skillset you’ve brought with you from your consulting days.  

I think consulting has sharpened my listening skills. As a consultant, your responsibility is not just to lay out the strategic roadmap, you also have to spark the action required for a business to start getting real value from it. Listening is so important in identifying both the obstacles and the sources of motivation.

At Kinesis, we have a unique model that allows us to function as both a strategic partner and a dedicated marketing team, which means we also guide as well as activate.

How do you recharge after all that deep, collaborative work?

I go outside and shut up! In all seriousness, while I love being among such smart, dedicated people at work, I find that I gravitate toward quiet when I want to recharge. One of my favorite places to discover since I moved to the U.S. was Alaska. It’s stunning! And I feel lucky to have so many other beautiful spots close by in the Pacific Northwest.

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