Let’s transform your marketing

If you’re like our clients, you know that marketing can be the catalyst for profound business growth.

That is – if you could ever get around to it. ‘Working in the business’ versus ‘working on the business’ has become somewhat of a platitude in our industry… but really, who has the time to think big picture when you’re so busy keeping the lights on? The daily grind is strategy’s sly assassin.

Enter Kinesis

At Kinesis, we believe marketing shouldn’t operate in a silo, but as a cohesive part of your overall business strategy. A pretty logo is nice, but by itself can sometimes feel like slapping a fresh coat of paint on a crumbling building. Your marketing is more than a website or a brochure – it should empower your big picture. Foundation, structure, and rock-solid business strategies – that’s where true marketing is born… and where we come in.

Marketing From the Inside Out®

Did you know that small businesses that work from a marketing plan outperform their peers by 30%? And that businesses with a written vision grow 50% faster?

How about that by reducing client defections by 5%, you can increase profitability by up to 85%?

If your mouth is hanging open right now, we’re not surprised. Many leaders don’t realize the exponential power of consistent, incremental changes – which can have astronomical effects on revenue. The fact is, when you start to think strategically about your marketing, your company transforms.

mio-tree-cross-sectionThis is all part of a philosophy we call Marketing From the Inside Out® – a radically different approach to marketing which targets the core of your company and gravitates outward. We help you isolate the true essence of your brand, articulate your remarkability, and then make it a living, breathing part of your business identity.

This means creating a powerful internal culture of brand champions. It can mean rebuilding your sales engine, to attract right-fit clients who are profitable and sustainable. And most importantly, it means turning your marketing into a systematic, high-performing machine.


The small business owner’s manual

Running a business is no small task – and the odds are against you. 95% of businesses fail to reach $1 million in revenue; only 0.001% make it to $5 million.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a road map or owner’s manual to help navigate this thorny maze… so we went ahead and wrote one.

Here are just a few highlights:


All of Kinesis’ client relationships are founded on a common strategic understanding and clear brand positioning – and our annual and semi-annual Strategic Planning Sessions help you get there. These meetings provide a professionally facilitated atmosphere to help your team understand your business vision, uncover brand opportunities, and develop key marketing messages.

Hate Marketing Plans? We don’t blame you. The Kinesis Marketing Blueprint™ is a single-page, visual accountability tool designed to replace the tired Marketing Plan gathering dust on your bookcase. It helps to establish focus and direction, can be scribbled on and revised, and (here’s the best part) actually keeps your goals moving forward.


We’ve heard it time and time again: Business leaders realize that marketing is important, but lack the follow-through and accountability to execute on marketing initiatives. You’re not alone – and that’s what we’re here for.

Kinesis excels in execution, and our process is designed specifically to keep your marketing wheels turning – even if (especially if) your team doesn’t have the capacity to do so.


“Set it and forget it” will never be used to describe a successful marketing approach. That’s why your marketing team (that’s us!) is in constant communication with you. At Weekly Consulting Sessions, your Senior Strategist provides business guidance, consistent accountability, and focus. Through our online project management tools, you have the ability to track progress and provide feedback every step of the way.


dashboardAs Winston Churchill eloquently put it: “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.” Your Metrics Dashboard™ tracks KPIs for the health of your marketing and organization – including new customer acquisition and lead conversion. Weekly project and planning updates and real-time budget tracking allow you to keep a finger on the pulse at all times.


If Kinesis sounds like the partner you’ve been looking for, let’s talk.