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Jeff Wester
Jeff Wester
Creative Director

Jeff Wester

Jeff brings more than a decade of strategic marketing and branding experience to his role at Kinesis. He helps our clients cast visions for growth, as well as create remarkable brand stories and amplification strategies. He believes that strategic thinking allows us to draw on creativity and experience to see opportunities that push our clients toward success.

Whiteboarding Big Ideas
Joined Kinesis:

As Kinesis’ Creative Director, Jeff helps our clients set a strategic vision that invokes creativity and design thinking as a means for transformation.

He brings over two decades of experience in leadership and team development to our work with clients, enabling them to center people, purpose, and humanity in their businesses.

Jeff is passionate about cultivating authenticity in the work process and creating environments where people can show up as their full selves. He believes that bringing diverse perspectives together is key to launching successful business endeavors. His creative quest draws from principles of neuroscience and psychology – namely, knowing how and why people react to stimuli helps him articulate how to create better experiences for people. Jeff believes that building human-centric businesses is the future because when we embrace our full humanity, we can build better companies and teams.

Topics I’m passionate about
  • Getting Creative at Work
  • Empowering Your Creative Process
  • Working with Creatives, A Better Way
  • Brand Development & Management
  • Naming & Identity
  • Shaping Innovation
  • Star Wars, Our Struggle with Duality
  • Content Over Metrics
  • The Power of Facing Uncertainty
  • Rethinking the Employee & Customer Journey
Speaking Experience

EDCO – Prineville/Cook County (2021)
How to Position Culture to Find, Attract, and Retain an Engaged Workforce

Design Week Portland (2019)
Inclusion by Design: Empowering Better Creative Decisions With Designers at the Helm

Design Week Portland (2017)
How Process Can Drive Creativity: Cultivating an Environment Where Creatives can Play to Their Strengths

Design Week Portland (2018)
Empowering Brand Through Narrative: Forging a Powerful Brand with an Inspiring Narrative