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Most about pages are about the company — ours is about you. Why? Because you’re a motivated, win-win leader who sees small business as an engine of growth, strong communities, and upward mobility. You’re eager to amplify your impact, and so are we.

Kinesis and Clients

You see innovation as a never-ending journey.

Kinesis clients are business owners who work to improve their business regardless of circumstances: In good times, they reinvest their success. In times of struggle, they use strategy and innovation to go the distance. Clients often come to Kinesis at a pivot point — either a demonstrable one, like a leadership transition or a market shift, or a more subtle one, like waning profit margins or client attrition.

Whatever the case, they know that true transformation is necessary in order to scale the company to the next level and realize its full potential.

Why you’re different

You believe in transformation.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you know that business is a powerful force, and you’re looking to create new opportunities with it — both today and in the future. Traditionally, when business leaders go looking for this kind of transformation, they turn to marketing as a mechanism for growth.

This instinct makes sense; marketing is an important tool. But we believe it’s about more than just marketing — it’s about creating a healthy business and seeking meaningful change. If you’ve made it this far, you probably agree.

You start with why.

Leaders who seek out Kinesis understand the nuts and bolts of what makes a healthy company, but also know that facts and figures do not a business make. If you’re like us, you know that in order to accomplish something truly extraordinary in business, you must start with a meaningful purpose and an engaged company culture.

At Kinesis, we work closely with you to assess the health of your organization — including vital financial signs, but also the intangibles of culture, processes, and strength of products and services.

This comprehensive overview helps us see emerging possibilities, which could include anything from marketing, to recruitment, to brand perception. Our goal is to help you to attract, retain, and engage both employees and customers — leveraging a diverse set of strategies to grow the business inside and out.

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