For almost 20 years, Kinesis has subscribed to the same big idea – we’re committed to transformation in everything we do.

What do we mean by that?
Kinesis is the only marketing firm dedicated exclusively to helping service-centric companies grow. And as such, we’re in the business of change. We seek to transform the marketing paradigm for B2B service providers, transform how you and your company think about marketing, and transform our clients’ businesses from the inside out.

We’re redefining our industry — and we’ll help you be remarkable in yours.



Most of our clients come to us with the same challenge: Their marketing has been ad-hoc, lacking a unified, strategic approach. Sure, they’ve built a website or two, but the vast majority of their efforts have been hit-and-miss, lacking expert guidance.

Tired of the menagerie of freelancers and overworked staff forced to “do marketing,” these business owners begin the journey of looking for a better way. When they find Kinesis, they breathe a sigh of relief.

We enable companies to have an entire marketing department, led by a Chief Marketing Officer, for less than the price of one full-time employee.

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We’re Different

From elegant logos to award-winning websites, make no mistake: our team can build a dynamite brand. At Kinesis, we live and breathe creative outcomes. However, we believe the conversation should start with the language of your business: a healthy P&L, robust sales funnel, and organizational excellence. Our approach begins with the DNA of your company and what makes you remarkable — and then executes on strategic initiatives using our Marketing Blueprint process.

Kinesis transforms your company in 3 key areas:

Brand: Communicate Remarkability

Most of our clients come to us frustrated because their brand, visual identity, and messaging don’t reflect who they are and what makes them unique. We’ll shore that up, and help you move from being the “best kept secret,” to the “next big thing!”

Fit: Grow & Thrive

Growth stems from 2 key components: more clients and more employees. But smart growth isn’t just about “more” – it’s about attracting and retaining the right clients and building a team of top-performing A-players. When these two operate in tandem, your business is unstoppable!

Loyalty: Spread the Word

As a service-based business, the vast majority of your revenue is driven by relationships. That means not only attracting new customers, but also nurturing your existing client base into raving fans. We’ll develop a systematic program to foster relationships and amplify word of mouth referrals.


Tying it all together

Across the business landscape you’ll find plenty of firms who can deliver on one of the areas above. But, if you’re a service-centric business, Kinesis is the only partner with the system designed to help you realize the combined impact of brand, fit, and loyalty – and accelerate your company to new levels of success.

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Transformational Growth for Purpose-Driven Leaders

Written by Kinesis CEO Shawn Busse, our book covers how to effectively engage employees, customers, and the marketplace.

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