clients Talk about Kinesis

  • “My expectations when we started with Kinesis was that they would provide web-based marketing advice and a functional website.  Kinesis has exceeded my expectations on so many levels.  They don’t only have a cracker jack design team, but also sage advice on how to avoid pitfalls that so many businesses fall into.  They have organized our thinking and approach to the business, replacing the fog and mists of what seemed to be ahead with a clear path to growth and success.  We would not have been as successful without the professional and expert advice guidance we have been given by the Kinesis team.  They are a well-organized, well-executing team that will be an asset to any business who hires them.”
    Russ Riggs, MD/Owner
    Reflex Knee Clinic
  • “We cannot say enough positive things about Kinesis in general and especially their Growth Program.  We had worked with Kinesis in the past for a few ads and marketing pieces but it wasn’t until we launched the Growth Program that true ‘marketing’ results began to happen.  They enabled us to have a handful of experts working on our strategic marketing efforts to accomplish several goals for our business.  We know our business, what we want our message to be and what we want to accomplish – Kinesis helps us refine the message, keeps us on task and moving forward toward our goals with actual hard data to show us what is working and not working.  They are a great team of individuals to work with!  Small business owners have to wear many hats but we are not always good at all the tasks presented before us especially the ins and outs of marketing – if you follow the steps in the Kinesis Growth Program, you will not be disappointed and you will be able to utilize your actual talents where your business needs them most.”
    Wendy Chudner, Practice Manager
    Cole Aesthetic Center
  • “There are many marketing firms out there, but few who truly understand the nature and goals of professional service firms like ours. Shawn and the Kinesis team took the time to first listen and deeply understand who we are and what our goals were, prior to offering their expert services and advice. As a result, the final outcome is exactly what we had hoped for. Our needs were great, from company name to logo to website to market approach. Kinesis guided us to outstanding solutions for all our needs.”
    Alexander M. Corrigan CPA
    , Partner
    Delap LLP
  • Kinesis did so much more than just build us a website. They gave us a whole new perspective on what our website could become; the HUB of our communities. Instead of seeing our social networking sites or our newsletter as individual entities, separate from our website, Kinesis taught us that a website could become the hub of those communities, connecting them like a wheel. We learned how to drive our traffic back to that hub. That seemingly small adjustment in our thinking has created some huge successes for our organization.
    Kristine Kellogg-Garrison
    Dogs for the Deaf
  • “Kinesis has been amazing to work with. From conception to completion of our website, the team has gone above and beyond. Their creativity and follow through have exceeded our expectations. The end result has been an amazing website. We have contracted with Kinesis again to add to and refine our website to add more detailed information regarding Green Building and the sustainable materials we supply. I would definitely hire Kinesis again and again. They are great to work with. We also had fun every step of the way. Principal Shawn Busse has a great since of humor along with an intense work ethic.”
    Kori Fox, Sales Representative
    Medallion Industries
  • “When it comes to corporate branding, there is only one place to call – Kinesis! Amfit is constantly receiving complements on our new brand and marketing materials. But, they are not just pretty – Kinesis has created marketing materials that give results. They’ve designed our logo, website, ad campaigns, trade show booth, packaging, and newsletter. Our response rate to our advertising has increased by 200% since implementing our new marketing materials.”
    Melanie Bell, Marketing Director
  • “Big props for SEO! I just got my first big bite off the SEO upgrades: an industrial designer from a very large company did a search for “custom textiles” and we popped up. They’re going to order thousands of yards from us – yearly (I love that last word). Thank you for your help!”
    Rylan Heyerman, CEO
    Handloomed Textiles of Nepal
  • “Kinesis was a pleasure to work with on the Providence Playland. Under an incredibly tight deadline, they produced a dynamic, creative brand for the project. The entire team is easy to work with and professional. Kinesis made a stressful project fun.”
    Katy Bazylewicz,
    Marketing Director
    Providence Medford Medical Center
  • “Wow! Great work! We are thrilled with our new site. A few highlights that make me smile: the overall layout & colors, the strength of your original logo & theme, the copy is a great blend of playfulness with a serious undertone – it’s light & informative and each item leaves me wanting to learn more. Our house Gallery rocks! Did we really paint those homes!? I could go on & on…Thanks again. Well done!”
    Chuck Eichacker
    , Owner
    Apogee Painting
  • “You know you’ve found a true strategic partner when you have a vision of what something could be—and your design firm completely gets it and then takes it to an even greater level. Collaborating with Kinesis for our company’s largest yearly event was an energizing experience with the strategy, creativity and execution nailed perfectly. Personally, the thing I most appreciated about working with Shawn and crew is that when I communicated a need for revision, they listened carefully for the core issue and then presented thoughtful solutions that not only addressed my need but made the piece even better. As energized and forward-thinkers, they are certainly authentic to their name.”
    Marcella Zink, Marketing Manager
  • “Since 2001, Kinesis has partnered with Mercy Flights to help build our brand. Starting with a redesign of the logo, the Kinesis team has helped shape our entire brand identity – from vehicle graphics, to newsletters, to our online presence. Their work has been instrumental in aligning our company visuals with our advanced medical technologies. They are a true partner in all of our marketing efforts.”
    Cathy Parsons,
    Mercy Flights
  • “Let me just gush about how great the tutorial looked! Very professional, informative and easy to follow. Many thanks to you guys.”
    Cheryl French,
    Marketing Coordinator
    Providence Medford Medical Center
  • “Kinesis created a new look and feel for Offshore that took us to a whole new level of professionalism. All I have to say about our new marketing materials is Wow! They are very impressive. In the past when I went into a sales meeting, everyone always asked “How big is your company?” With our new brochure and other materials, the question never comes up. The marketing materials really give us the “big company” feel. You did a phenomenal job and I think all of our new materials are amazing.”
    Liza Milliner-Bloom, VP Sales
    Offshore Solutions
  • “We couldn’t be happier with the work Kinesis provided us – a truly great experience. I look for three things in any vendor: speed, quality and price. Kinesis knocked all three out of the park. Their team was knowledgeable and extremely customer-centric, providing thoughtful responses to any and all of our questions. The end result was a unique website specifically tailored to our needs and delivered in a professional, creative, and quality manner. I’d highly recommend Kinesis to any company looking for great value in the development of their corporate web presence.”
    Bob Wallace,
    Affinity Connection
  • “First impressions are so important. The time I spent working with Kinesis on branding and my website has set my image as a successful business. Most often, a business card is immediately put in a purse or pocket. Not with my card! The recipient starts to put the card away, but always stops to look at it and make a positive comment.”
    Sandi Globus,
    Fabric of Vision
  • “We really appreciate how Kinesis wordsmiths our core marketing messages. Sometimes we’re just too close to the message to make it have broad appeal. Kinesis has the ability to step back, analyze our brand personality, and craft a message that hits home with the majority of our diverse customer base.”
    Annie Hoy, Outreach/Owner Services Manager
    Ashland Food Co-op
  • “Our website allows us to showcase the type of dentistry we can provide to existing and prospective patients. Kinesis was instrumental in transforming a few simple ideas into a website we are very proud of. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”
    Todd Holton DMD, Owner
    Holton Cosmetic & Family Dentistry
  • “We enjoy the benefit of your professionalism at Kinesis. Ours is a high quality attractive brand, enhanced continually by your involvement in our communications efforts.”
    Ed Roussell CFRE, Director of Development
    Community Works
  • “Yes, I know you have heard it before, but you ROCK!”
    Steve Rowe,
    Ashland Outdoor Store
  • “Kinesis created a website for my business that mirrors my product and design: clean, refined, and subtle. They suggested a Flash-based portfolio, which I believe was the best solution. It provides a certain dynamic element to my work…and sets my site apart.”
    Eric Strong,
    Owner and Designer
    Eric Strong Furniture
  • “Shawn has been great to work with. He is creative and open to all ideas for the best outcome.”
    Laura Rothboeck, Program Officer of Annual Giving
    Rogue Valley Medical Center Foundation
  • “[Kinesis designers] are good listeners, willing to listen, responsive, and fun!”
    Joanne Krippaehne,
    Madrona Architecture
  • “What I appreciate most about Kinesis is their ability to take my rudimentary ideas and turn them into a beautiful product with a clear visual message.”
    Lorie List, Interpretive Specialist
    Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, Medford District Bureau of Land Management
  • “The team at Kinesis worked exceptionally hard to make our corporate website project exactly the image we want. Its beautiful to look at, useful for our clients, and easy to update with our latest information. Great job!”
    Snuller Price, Partner
    Energy and Environmental Economics, Inc.
  • “With Kinesis, we have stepped up our quality and developed a more professional look for our printed materials and publications.”
    Eric Olson, VP Workforce Development
    Southern Oregon Goodwill
  • “I appreciated the Kinesis way of learning about our company and then addressing the needs of our customers. It’s nice to work with folks that have integrity and state-of-the-art ideas.”
    Jeanette McCartney,
    Office Manager
    Oregon Advanced Imaging