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Voting Every Day by Working with B Corps
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Voting Every Day by Working with B Corps

If you're familiar with Kinesis, you probably know that we have been a proud B Corporation since 2016. This certification aligns closely with our core values of Share the Good, Do the Right Thing, Build to Last, and Think Big – and our ongoing commitment to great workplaces and social and environmental consciousness.

That's why we're proud to participate in B Corp's Vote Every Day campaign, which inspires consumers, business leaders, employees, and community members to not limit their difference-making power only to the ballot box.

Voting is one of the most important acts we can do, but it doesn’t have to end on Election Day. By supporting B Corp brands that make it their mission to balance profit with purpose, you can vote your values every day.

B Corps have found a way to profit by having a purpose. These are companies that care about transparency, the environment, and increasing their social impact. B Corps are committed to reducing inequality, lowering levels of poverty, designing a healthier environment, and creating more high-quality jobs with dignity and purpose.

People are inundated with choices every day, but B Corps stand out from the pack because they promote progress on the issues people care about the most.

Check out the local segment on KGW below, and keep an eye out for a cameo from the Kinesis book, Marketing From the Inside Out®!

Thanks for continuing to make the world a better place by voting with your dollars, your time, and your loyalty - not just in November, but every day.

You can learn more about B Corporations and how to become one here.

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