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Team Kinesis Spotlight: Kyle Huck

Team Kinesis Spotlight: Kyle Huck

Kyle Huck

Kyle Huck


You can connect with Kyle on LinkedIn.

At Kinesis, we like to play to our strengths, which was a no-brainer when we brought our newest Strategist onboard - Kyle Huck!

Kyle works with our clients to...

  • See their business and their market from a new perspective
  • Amplify their company's remarkability
  • Leverage marketing as a driver of business success

Read more about what makes Kyle such an integral part of our team in this week's Kinesis Team Spotlight!

It’s energizing to work with a team that cares about doing the right thing and working hard to create lasting impact.

Kinesis is purpose-driven, and it is fully real. You see the values lived out here every day — earlier in my career I didn’t realize how important that is to me.



First of all, thank you for sitting down and telling us a bit more about yourself, Kyle! I'd like to start by asking for you to share a bit about your role. What are your responsibilities as Strategist? How do you approach them?

On a high level, we strategists want to help our clients uncover what is remarkable about their company and share that with the world in a way that makes them stand out from the competition. We might identify opportunities in the market, help them communicate their value to customers, or even work on internal culture so they can recruit top talent, keep them engaged, and make customers happy as a result.

What the rest of the world sees are the deliverables like websites and print collateral, but what makes that stuff so powerful is the process leading up to it. We do a lot of research and a lot of collaborative brainstorming, both with and without the client. I don’t think a day has gone by here where I haven’t had a whiteboarding session. I love that.

What is your background? Do you draw upon your previous experiences here at Kinesis? If so, how?

I started out in graphic design, which gradually segued into digital marketing. As I learned about small business, I became hungry to learn about all aspects of business, so I earned my MBA. I think my career path is a little strange, but now I can look for the common thread between design, marketing and business strategy, ensuring everything is aligned.

What else makes you such an awesome fit for this position? Or vice versa, what makes Kinesis the right place for you?

Kinesis and I are a great fit because I’m somewhat of a generalist and I like working in many different ways - my team at Kinesis sees the value in that. On one hand, there are a lot of great frameworks for me to work off, and I have tons to learn from my team. On the other hand, there are no boundaries around how I approach my work. I can use new approaches, share ideas on tools/processes, and even teach others on subjects or skills they haven’t tapped before.

What is your favorite aspect of your role here?

This job not only makes space for, but also necessitates creative thinking. My brain is never on auto-pilot. Exploration and fresh ideas are required to do really great work.

I also love the team dynamic. There are no islands, no siloes. I constantly get to bounce ideas around with awesome people, and that includes both the team and the amazing clients. Everyone looks after each other, and it doesn’t take long to feel like part of the family.

What is life like outside of work? What do you most look forward to? What other interests do you pursue?

My wife Dani and I really are best friends, so we always want to make space for quality time together. That could be in the form of getting out and about, staying in and cooking, or just relaxing. We’ve taken some amazing trips, both domestic and international, and it’s definitely our shared life goal to see the world.

We have a four-month-old German Shepherd named Jackson, so a lot of our free time revolves around that little monster. He’s pretty awesome. I always wanted my own pup.

I like activities that get me outside with my friends — golf, disc golf or hiking when the sun’s out, snowboarding in the winter, occasionally some tennis or soccer. I’ve also played music basically my entire life, so I still try to practice drums/guitar some, and eventually I’d like to get back into a casual group to jam a bit. Dani also used to sing in choir, so she has a beautiful voice and we enjoy playing songs together.

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