Consultants who get things done

Kinesis provides a series of brand consulting and implementation programs to help grow your company. We’re adept at working with businesses that have in-house marketing resources as well as those who need lots of help. As a general rule, our clients fall into three categories:

  1. The Short-Staffed: These are the Marketing directors, VPs, and other executives who struggle to get it all done in an 8-hour day. They need a bigger staff, but can’t afford to hire an entire marketing department. Kinesis fills this gap: we provide a multi-disciplined team at a higher quality and lower cost than one FTE.
  2. The Successful: Ironically, many of our clients are victims of their own success. They’ve grown, sales are up, and clients are beating down the door…Hoorah! Internally, however, it’s a struggle. Resources which once seemed capable, are no longer up to the job. The web site is outdated and desperately in need of an overhaul. The sales force is woefully underequipped. In short, these businesses need a Kinesis overhaul; we bring the external image in alignment with the company’s newfound success.
  3. The Movers and Shakers: These are the businesses that are taking the next “big step” in their market. They’re launching a new product, re-positioning their firm, or simply competing at a whole new level. Kinesis provides a strategic process that helps the executive team take maximum advantage of their efforts.

To help our clients succeed, we have several programs tailored for their specific needs. These programs include the Brand Assessment Report, the Kinesis Growth Program, and Brand Implementation.

Brand Assessment Report

The foundation of our consulting services is the Brand Assessment Report.  We start by learning every aspect of your business. Research, research, and more research leads us to a deep understanding of your business’ needs and challenges. We chronicle the marketplace, assess your strengths and weaknesses, interview your customers, and provide actionable marketing recommendations. Examples of clients who have gone through the Brand Assessment process include the accounting firm Delap and the air ambulance service, Mercy Flights

Kinesis Growth Program

We’ve created the Kinesis Growth Program to help your company make the best possible marketing and sales decisions by giving you ongoing access to our marketing acumen and business-building expertise.

Clients that work with us on an extended basis realize substantial gains as we apply our knowledge and expertise toward developing, marketing, and selling new sources of revenue. Kinesis becomes your branding and marketing advisor – providing consultancy, priority service, brand stewardship, and graphic resource management on a regular, ongoing basis.

Brand Implementation

The Brand Assessment Report and Growth Program provide your company with powerful brand-driven marketing strategies and lucrative opportunities.  But, unlike other marketing consultants, Kinesis provides more than just great strategy. We put your ideas in motion! Our team of designers, programmers, copywriters, and marketing experts provide you with the resources to implement a variety of components including (but not limited to):


Our branding process ensures your marketing materials work to increase revenue and position your firm as an industry expert. By working with Kinesis on an ongoing basis, you’ll realize substantial gains as we apply our branding knowledge and expertise toward developing, marketing, and selling new sources of revenue for your company.

We’d love to talk with you about growing your brand recognition. Call us at 503-922-2289 or e-mail us.