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Businesses face three challenges around marketing: Strategy, Execution, and Accountability. At Kinesis Marketing, we’ve cleared these hurdles through a system of proprietary tools, consulting, and damn good design. We call this Growth-Based Marketing.

Business and Marketing Strategy

Within the last five years, the marketing landscape has experienced a seismic shift. The old models of schmoozing on the golf course, placing ads in newspapers, and waiting for the phone to ring are increasingly irrelevant (hello, Yellow Pages?). Your customers congregate in entirely new ways, and their influence is more powerful than ever. Yet few have adapted to the changing marketplace; many throw your hands up in frustration. And your dusty marketing plan doesn’t work because it’s a static document that doesn’t adjust to the fast-moving pace of today’s technology.

We’ve developed a one-of-a-kind solution for the challenge of strategy. We call it “The Marketing Blueprint” and it’s everything a marketing plan should be, except it works.

Business and Marketing Execution

Business owners across industries struggle with execution. There’s an entire industry built around the desire to “Get Things Done.”

Sadly, marketing is often the last thing that actually gets done. Consultants give you great advice, that social media webinar was great, and you just finished reading Seth Godin’s latest book…but still, the needle refuses to budge.

We believe that strategy and action are equal sides of the same coin, which is why we structure our client partnerships to include getting those marketing checklists…checked off! Want to see some of the results? Click here for our creative work.

Business & Marketing Accountability

Why do we recoil at the word, “marketing?” It’s because we seldom understand it, and can’t seem to agree on when it’s successful. Most businesses can’t begin to track how (or if) their marketing works and resort to the only tool they have available: sales numbers.

Sadly, revenue is only part of the picture (and, often a lagging indicator of your marketing efforts).

Thankfully, you’re not alone. Owners want an answer for how to make marketing accountable, and we’ve created the perfect tool: The Kinesis Metrics Dashboard. Take a look over at “Measuring Success

Sound Familiar?

If you’ve reached this point and are nodding your head (or cursing in frustration) we’re here to help. Drop us a line or call Kinesis Marketing at 503-922-2289. We’re going to fix marketing, one business at a time.