We love sharing big ideas, and we are actively involved in our local community. Here, you’ll find information on Kinesis events, speakers, and areas of expertise.



Kinesis hosts regular learning events, and also partners with peer organizations. Check out some of our favorite topics and past events below.

Areas of Expertise

Growth-Based Marketing
Mission, Values, & Vision
Values-Driven Leadership
Employee Recruitment & Retention
Culture as a Strategic Advantage
Business Model Transformation

Past Events



Shawn Busse

Shawn founded Kinesis in 2000, on a mission to radically transform how businesses think about marketing, culture, and growth. Now a renowned speaker and author, today he helps business owners and leaders to reinvent their companies through Marketing from the Inside Out® – a core business philosophy that starts with a focus on mission, vision, and values. His book, Marketing From the Inside Out, is available on Amazon.

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Andrea Bailey

Andrea’s superpower is asking the right questions. As a strategist, she distills insights from data, story, and context to develop strategies that drive business outcomes. She draws on her experience in diverse markets and organizational structures to uncover what makes each business remarkable and how to leverage it for impact and growth.