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The promise of leadership offsites is compelling: dedicated time to think big away from the incessant demands of the day-to-day. When done well, they can build trust, promote innovation, and energize your team toward shared goals. But in practice, they can be tricky to pull off successfully… especially when held in an uninspiring conference room with a series of PowerPoint decks.

Instead, we’ve developed a format that incorporates a mix of human-to-human interactions — striking a balance between structure and spontaneity, business strategy and team collaboration.


What to Expect

We partner with clients to design and facilitate custom offsite experiences that engage, inspire, build alignment, and establish a foundation for long-term success. Working with one of our skilled facilitators allows everyone on your team to fully participate, without having to watch time or manage the agenda.

Our proven approach starts with an in-person workshop dedicated to the big picture of your team or company. We’ll facilitate a discussion that gives voice to the different perspectives on your team, hones in on key ideas, addresses questions and tensions, and aligns everyone on the path forward.


Any use of this time will be time well spent, but good topics for this portion include:

  • Company, department, or team vision
  • Strategic initiatives
  • Business model transformation
  • Leadership philosophy
  • Team charter and working agreements

The second part of the day will be a hands-on creative activity, where your team will work together at a private workshop with indoor and outdoor areas for collaboration. Projects here have included wooden cutting boards and desktop fireplaces... but what matters more than the finished product is sharing experiences, teaming up in unique new ways, and unlocking imaginations.

It’s an enjoyable way to create relaxed, organic, in-person connections — without the forced feeling of traditional team-building exercises. And you’d be surprised what this type of unstructured time can inspire as you reflect and expand on the strategic conversation.


“Coming out of a couple years of very remote operation, we knew we needed some time together in real life. But afterwards it was clear to everyone we had no idea how badly we needed it. It’s so important for our team to invest in relationships by spending quality time together, both to be productive but also just to connect as fellow humans. Our offsite with Kinesis fulfilled both elements in an incredible way.”

david nichols

Owner at Loupe

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