See that Mountain?

we’re your Sherpa.


In 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzig Norgay made history by being the first to summit Mt. Everest. Journalists asked who was first to reach the top, and both responded that it was a team effort, made possible by the entire expedition.

The history of Everest summits is filled with heroism and peril. A daunting task, climbing the “Holy Mother” is seldom successful without the help of the Sherpa people.

Running a business is a lot like scaling new heights. From the very beginning, the odds are against you – 95% of businesses fail to reach $1 million in revenue; only .001% make it to $5 million. As owners, we face adversity and the unknown. It’s a lonely climb, and determination is just the beginning

You want to grow. Why isn’t marketing helping?

Most owners want to use marketing to reach the summit. It’s a reasonable expectation, but few succeed. Why? Because the paradigm for marketing small- and medium-sized businesses is broken.

The problem: Picking from bad options

As a small business owner, you have three options for tackling your marketing challenge:

  1. An in-house “marketing person” that’s a jack-of-all trades. They’ll typically end up putting out fires and wearing too many hats,
  2. A tactical agency that does what you tell them (i.e. build us a website, create a new brochure) but misses on strategy, or…
  3. A slew of unrelated freelancers who demand too much time, don’t really get your company, and require hand-holding to keep aligned.

The solution: Climb smarter

We’ve created the Kinesis Growth Program to change the marketing paradigm for businesses between $1 and $20 million in revenue. Our Vision is to replace the tired traditional models (in-house marketing person/outsourced freelancers/tactical agency) and become known for developing and implementing Growth-Based Marketing – a system that combines strategy, execution, and accountability.

We call this The Kinesis Way.

The Kinesis Growth Program: save money, measure results, sleep at night.

The Kinesis Growth Program is a one-of-a-kind system of strategic planning, project execution, and ongoing accountability. You get an entire team of experts, a proven system, and regular accountability…all for less than price of hiring one employee.

Why haven’t I heard about this before?

If this sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard of, we’re not surprised. Even though the marketing landscape has changed radically, the systems for managing marketing haven’t kept up.  Business books are typically written for much larger businesses, and the strategies, tactics, and marketing teams don’t correlate to the hurdles faced by small- and mid-sized businesses.

Kinesis Founders Shawn Busse and Wendy Maynard created Growth-Based Marketing based on their shared philosophy that the current marketing paradigm doesn’t work. They wanted to create a model that actually succeeds at consistently growing our clients’ companies.

“We cannot say enough positive things about Kinesis – especially their Growth Program. Kinesis helps us refine the message, keeps us on task and moving forward toward our goals with actual hard data to show us what is working and not working. If you follow the steps in the Kinesis Growth Program, you will not be disappointed and you will be able to utilize your actual talents where your business needs them most.” ~ Wendy Chudner, Cole Aesthetic Center

Ready to grow?

Growth-Based marketing is for businesses who are ready to propel forward at an accelerated pace. We will work closely together to unify your business strategy, marketing, and day-to-day customer interactions.

As a result of our partnership, you will realize increased customer retention, a quicker sales cycle, and an ongoing influx of qualified leads.

Ready for growth? Give us a call at 503-922-2289 or fill out our contact form.