Forget Marketing plans. They don’t work.


Here’s the thing about marketing plans. Once they are done, they sit on the shelf and gather dust. Don’t get us wrong – a marketing plan is a fantastic document if you actually use it.

But in our years of working with various companies, we’ve discovered that busy leaders don’t have time to read and regularly review a marketing plan. Therefore, they don’t work. Nobody looks at them and the components grow stale.

Without execution, nothing happens!

Enter the Kinesis Marketing Blueprint

Faced with this reality, our strategic thinkers came up with a new tool as part of our Growth Program. We call it the Marketing Blueprint.Marketing Blueprint

It’s a visual document that lays out your strategic initiatives, growth goals, and key target audiences (your “Who”). We make sure it’s on the “war room” wall at your company so that you can refer to it on an ongoing basis with your team.

Front and center placement of the Marketing Blueprint helps ensure that marketing is an integral part of your company instead of an afterthought.

It’s the perfect accountability tool.

“Kinesis has exceeded my expectations on so many levels. They don’t only have a cracker jack design team, but also sage advice on how to avoid pitfalls that so many businesses fall into. They have organized our thinking and approach to the business, replacing the fog and mists of what seemed to be ahead with a clear path to growth and success.” Russ Riggs, Reflex

The Marketing Blueprint is a dynamic document that is updated regularly. Go ahead – scribble on it, add notes, make revisions, assign responsibilities. It’s the perfect accountability tool to make sure your multi-pillared marketing platform is in place and – most importantly – being implemented consistently.

Bye-bye dust. Hello action!

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