Marketing is Complicated…

If marketing was ever simple in the past, it certainly isn’t now. It’s been decentralized. It likes. It tweets. It clicks. It’s gone from intangible to outright ethereal.  As a small- to mid-sized business owner you know it’s more than you want to take on in-house. It’s way more than any one position and there’s no budget for a department of people with the required skills. What to do?

We’ve Made It Simpler.

Founders Shawn Busse and Wendy Maynard created the Kinesis Growth Program based on their shared philosophy that the current marketing paradigm doesn’t work for businesses with revenues between $1 and $20 million. They created a model that actually succeeds at consistently growing their clients’ companies. If you’re reading this, you already know that an outside marketing partner makes a lot of sense strategically and fiscally. The Kinesis Growth Program increases your revenue through strategy, execution and accountability. We’re able to visibly quantify your marketing investment to show you what’s working, what isn’t and why. Throwing money into the marketing abyss of unknown results is no way to run a business.

“Failing to plan is a plan for failure…”

Nothing should be built without a plan. Your business is no exception. Enter the Kinesis Marketing Blueprint — the guiding document of your marketing plan that not only charts your course, but tracks your progress.

Like any good plan, the Marketing Blueprint shows where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.  It’s a living plan that evolves and adapts based on data from sales, leads, and your CRM software.

While the Marketing Blueprint charts a course of success, the Metrics Dashboard provides a heads up display of real, tangible, ROI from your marketing efforts.  When we said accountability, we meant it.

If this sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard of, we’re not surprised. The systems for managing marketing haven’t kept up with the radical change to the marketing landscape.

If you’re not growing, your marketing isn’t working.

“Kinesis helps us refine the message, keeps us on task and moving forward toward our goals with actual hard data to show us what is working and not working. If you follow the steps in the Kinesis Growth Program, you will not be disappointed and you will be able to utilize your actual talents where your business needs them most.” Wendy Chudner, Cole Aesthetic Center

Admittedly, an over-simplified statement.  Many problems that can impede growth, but it’s difficult to fix anything without the strong cash flow that comes from ringing phones and new business – a direct result of effective marketing. The Kinesis Growth Program is for businesseswho are ready to accelerate. As a result of our partnership, you’ll realize increased customer retention, a quicker sales cycle, and a steady stream of qualified leads.  Your marketing team should be current, adaptable, and accountable. Your marketing team should be Kinesis – passionate experts working with you to grow your business.

Ready for growth?

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