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Branding, Marketing, and Design: Kinesis Highlights from 2018

Branding, Marketing, and Design: Kinesis Highlights from 2018


You may know that at Kinesis, our mission is transformation. This philosophy extends to the way we’re transforming the marketing paradigm for small businesses, but also to our work itself – we seek to be transformative in everything we do.

So as we close the year, it’s sometimes fun to look back on the transformative outcomes we’ve created for our clients. Please indulge us as we reflect on some of our favorite projects from 2018.


G4 Kegs

G4 Kegs (formerly Gopher Kegs) is a global stainless steel keg supplier to the craft beverage industry – but what they do goes far beyond containers. They act as a keg consultant to their clients, helping brewhouses seize opportunity, find efficiencies, and elevate their craft.

Project: Company Rename, Rebrand, & Website Splash Page

We worked closely with the G4 Kegs leadership team to build a brand which would communicate this commitment to quality products and meaningful partnerships. Using the theme of intercontinental travel, the new G4 brand harkens back to a time when ordinary people made extraordinary things possible.


Convergence Networks provides strategic technology guidance through modern IT solutions and exceptional support. Their secret weapon is their people: The company is 50+ person powerhouse with less than 4% voluntary turnover for the past 2 years.

Project: Rebrand & Website Design

We worked with Convergence to effectively communicate this strategic differentiator. Inspired by Shinkansen – the network of high-speed railway lines in Japan – we developed a brand that would accentuate their commitment to connection, acceleration, and guidance. This is most effectively summarized in their new tagline, “Start here. Go further.”


Apex Industries

Apex Industries specializes in precision plastic engineering, machining, fabrication, and integration for some of the world’s leading manufacturers. A solutions-driven company, they are structured to identify needs, engineer solutions, and manufacture working systems to supply complex OEM components and integrated OEM assemblies.

Project: Trade Show Booth Design & Supporting Materials

Apex came to Kinesis to help them prepare for the biggest industry event of the year, SEMICON West – where they would be one of hundreds of exhibitors across the extended electronics supply chain. Using their existing brand, Kinesis worked with the Apex team to build an eye-catching display and event strategy.

Streimer Sheet Metal

Streimer is the go-to provider for architectural and mechanical construction, metal manufacturing, and service, and has been serving the Pacific Northwest for more than 70 years. They are known for going above and beyond on every project – delivering flexible, customized solutions to their customers.

Project: Website Design

You may recognize Streimer from our list of favorite projects last year. At the time, we had just completed a company rebrand and had built a website splash page to usher in their new visual identity and online presence. Since then, we have built a full, responsive, custom-designed website which tells their story in a cohesive way to users.


Solid Form

Solid Form is a custom metal fabrication shop in McMinnville, Oregon. Their work spans from structural to ornamental, and everything in between – like winery catwalks or distinctive spiral staircases. Their competitive differentiator is at the intersection of form and function: they deliver projects that are both engineer-grade and vision-driven.

Project: Rebrand & Website Design

We worked closely with Solid Form President and TEDx speaker Deven Paolo to shape a brand around the theme of “rising together.” Inspired by mountain climbers reaching incredible heights, the new Solid Form visual identity alludes to the company’s commitment to ingenuity and working together to build a better future. In particular, their new website needed to speak to prospective employees – since Solid Form seeks to craft right-fit career paths for their team.


Treske Precision Machining

Treske is a precision machine shop serving the nation’s aerospace and defense industries. Treske is one of our longest-standing client partnerships, and in our years working together we helped build a brand which conveyed their mission of innovation, and a website which showcased their expertise. We’ve been working together for so long, in fact, that the company outgrew their first website with us!

Project: Website Design

To usher in the next stage of their evolution, we rebuilt their website from the ground up – showcasing their impressive product lines, proprietary project tracking systems, and measurable performance indicators. Their new site is a representation of everything Treske holds dear – including innovation, systems, and real-time results.



Project: Eating Our Own Dogfood

And of course, in addition to the transformation we’ve created for our clients, Kinesis has also been on a transformative journey ourselves. If you work closely with us, you probably already know this – we’ve been interviewing our clients, having deep discussions about our identity, and making sure our external brand aligns with our vision for the company. This is an exciting time for Kinesis, and we’re eager to share the results with you!

And we aren't the only ones "eating dogfood!" Check out these precious pups we got to snuggle with when the Oregon Humane Society's Snuggle Express came to visit!

Thanks to all our clients for making our work so interesting, diverse, and fun! Here’s to another year of transformation together.

Psst: Interested in viewing some more of our work? Here is a list of our favorite projects last year, and here is the list from 2016! Still hungry for more? Check out our Work Page.


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