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Our new website has been live for just 7 months and already we’ve had amazing results. January 2012 donations and catalog sales were more than DOUBLE what they were in January of 2011. Our reach has expanded and our website traffic has increased so much that we’ve had to up our hosting plan TWICE in the past 7 months to handle all of that new, and very welcome, traffic! Kristine Kellogg-Garrison
Dogs for the Deaf

Kinesis creates unique web site designs that work to sell your company, products, and services. They are based on strong branding, benefits-driven copy, and user-friendly navigation. Kinesis understands search engine optimization and online marketing. Our Portland web design experts create the best results for your investment.

Our Portland web designers will work closely with you to create a one-of-a-kind, eye-catching business website that will thrill you and your audience.

Contact our Portland online marketing team to create a website design that will help you connect with your customers and clients.


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