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Imagine if you had a secret marketing weapon that allowed you to out-run your competition, generate higher margins, and regularly turn opportunities into new clients? Based in Portland, Oregon, Kinesis is your answer. We specialize in high-impact web design, graphic design, and marketing.

We transform your marketing and website presence from a point of frustration to an ongoing source of revenue and new profits. You’ll love working with our team – we deliver the perfect mix of professionalism, resourcefulness, and creativity.

Our team meticulously blends design expertise with solid marketing strategies. The result? Effective tools to grow your business. From your logo to your web design to your branding, our goal is to help your company succeed.

Our unique marketing approach provides proven results. Kinesis helps our clients develop a systematic process to marketing, branding, web design, lead generation, customer retention, and sales. We call this Marketing Done Right. Click here to contact us today!

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Marketing is Broken

Listen to CEO Shawn Busse discuss marketing for small businesses and how Kinesis can help you avoid the overload of the traditional solution. - read more -

Meet the Marketing Firm Executives

Meet the Executive TeamShawn Busse and Wendy Maynard have a deep passion for transforming potential into extraordinary outcomes. After working with businesses for many years, they created a unique system of marketing to give your company the competitive marketing advantage.

Our approach to marketing and web design allows you to reach your revenue goals. Kinesis grows the love for your brand. We blend both online and offline marketing tools to guarantee success.

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