A marketing agency that gets results

The reasons for hiring a marketing firm are quite simple: you want more leads, more customers, and more revenue. We get it. You want your marketing to have a return on your investment.

Kinesis is a Portland Marketing Agency that creates effective marketing strategies to increase your customers’ responsiveness, generate new leads, and enhance your overall profitability. The bottom line is that our marketing efforts will sell your products and services.

We also help you work on your internal branding and marketing, your vision, values, mission, and strategic planning. Learn more about our unique approach.

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Marketing From the Inside Out®

Kinesis is a marketing firm that believes in Marketing From the Inside Out™. Our strategic, business-minded thinkers understand margins, the importance of bottom-line revenue, and the power of developing great leaders and vibrant cultures.

We know how to carve out a sustainable competitive advantage for our marketing clients. To learn more about our unique approach to doing this, read our blog post, Build a Deep Moat for Business Success.

Kinesis is a marketing agency that will work for your business to:

  1. Capture and convert more leads to customers
  2. Create a steady stream of traffic to your website
  3. Stimulate existing customers to buy more from you
  4. Improve your customer retention, loyalty, and referrals
  5. Spread word-of-mouth about your company
  6. Build a vibrant internal culture
  7. Help you create a meaningful vision, mission, and core values
  8. Develop an annual strategic marketing plan
  9. Hold your team accountable for implementing SMART goals
  10. Create lead generation campaigns with metrics to measure success
  11. Develop a thought leadership and content generation program

Our Portland marketing team blends digital, social, and traditional marketing strategies to differentiate your services and products in a creative and convincing way. With a fanatical commitment to metrics and measurement, Kinesis achieves your business growth goals in the most effective way possible.

A marketing agency dedicated to client growth

Kinesis Founders Shawn Busse and Wendy Maynard developed Marketing From the Inside Out® based on their shared philosophy that the current marketing paradigm doesn’t work. They wanted to create a model and a marketing firm that actually succeeds at consistently growing our clients’ companies.

Our Vision is to replace the tired traditional ad agency and design shop models and become known for developing and implementing a system that combines strategy, execution, and accountability.

We call this The Kinesis Way.

Kinesis provides a one-of-a-kind system of strategic planning, project execution, and ongoing accountability. You get an entire marketing firm of experts, a proven system, and regular accountability…all for less than price of hiring one employee.

Ready for us to transform your company? Give us a call at 503-922-2289 or fill out our contact form.