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Team Kinesis Spotlight: José Maldonado

Team Kinesis Spotlight: José Maldonado

Jose Maldonado

José Maldonado

Office Hero

You can connect with José on LinkedIn.

If you think Office Hero sounds ambitious for a title, we agree. In fact, when we first created this position at Kinesis, we weren't even sure the kind of person we envisioned existed: someone who loves to help others succeed, is both organized and proactive, and embraces an ownership mentality.

But now that José Maldonado has taken on that role, we have no more doubt.

For the past nine months, he has been the backbone of our day-to-day operations, guardian of the Kinesis culture, and savior of the day in more ways than we can count. It’s in no small part due to him that Kinesis runs more efficiently and enjoyably than ever.

Beyond operations and culture activities, José’s responsibilities include:

  • Support for our sales and marketing team in connecting with right-fit clients
  • Hiring process management to ensure we bring in right-fit Kinesians
  • Internal project support, allowing everyone to stay focused on their priorities

Whether you’re curious to learn more about life at Kinesis or thinking of developing a similar position in your own company, we’re excited to share José’s insights with you! (You already know Share the Good is one of our core values, right?)



Tell us a bit about your background! What previous experience do you draw upon in your work at Kinesis?

Before joining Kinesis, I had worked in luxury hospitality in California for three years. In that arena, I learned that every client is different, and it’s important to treat them that way. While we had standards and processes, we were also open minded when a challenge didn’t neatly match our manual. You have to be able to provide a solution, even in unexpected situations.

I draw upon that insight a lot here because I have such a diverse set of responsibilities. Actually, that is one of my favorite aspects of my role.

I’m a real creature of habit by nature and like order in my daily life. But in my career, I enjoy having such a wide array of tasks and being able to mold myself into different roles. It gives me opportunities to develop many new skills, and still focus on those that provide the greatest value to the team. I am extremely grateful for that.

Speaking of the unexpected - is there anything about your role or about Kinesis that you didn’t foresee when you came on board last year?

Honestly, I didn’t expect it to be this much fun. The culture here is unlike any other I have experienced. There’s a sense of professionalism and unity. It’s also quite egalitarian, more so than in other environments. It requires everyone to pull their own weight and contribute.

And while I had the impression from the start that everyone on the team is super smart, I didn’t expect how motivating it would be for me. I am surrounded by people who think deeply, do impressive work, and each bring a crucial piece to the table.

What is life like outside the office? I’d love to hear about other interests you pursue.

Outside of work, it’s important to me to take time for the simpler things: connecting with family, getting outside, and discovering more of Portland. I moved here almost a year ago, and there’s still so much to explore. Whether it’s a hike out in the Columbia River Gorge or a jog around a new neighborhood, I enjoy experiencing the different aspects of the city first hand.

I’m also an avid fan of the local professional soccer teams, the Portland Timbers and Portland Thorns (and I love playing soccer myself, too).

And eating all the gluten free food! It’s been a struggle to find the right balance between treating myself well and not treating myself too much - but a delicious struggle!


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