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Team Kinesis Spotlight: Jeff Wester

Team Kinesis Spotlight: Jeff Wester

Jeff Wester

Jeff Wester


You can connect with Jeff on LinkedIn.

If you’re familiar with Kinesis, you know that we believe in the power of people – which is why we’re excited to introduce you to an integral member of our team. Jeff Wester is one of Kinesis' talented Strategists - and he brings a decade of experience to help clients think strategically about marketing, branding, and growth.

Jeff works with clients to…

  • Develop clear and remarkable brand stories
  • Execute brand consistently on a variety of channels
  • Develop impactful marketing strategies

Read more about Jeff's unique background and contributions to our team in this week's Kinesis Team Spotlight!



Thanks for your time today, Jeff. Let's start by talking a bit about your role - what are your responsibilities as Strategist? How do you approach them?

As a strategist my role is to work with clients to help them accomplish their goals. That role can change drastically day to day. Sometimes a brand needs to identify their differentiation and formulate a strategy to communicate it. Other times a brand may have an objective and can't see a way to get there. Strategic thinking allows us to draw on our creativity and experience to see opportunities that will push our clients toward success.

What is your background? Do you draw upon your previous experiences here at Kinesis?

My background is rooted in branding. I've always been passionate about finding and telling brand stories. That's an easy concept to see at work in copy – but putting a brand’s personality, history, and intention into visuals can be a real challenge. Overall my experience allows me to help brands apply their story to every level of their brand executions, from content to design.

What else makes you such an awesome fit for this position? Or vice versa, what makes Kinesis the right place for you?

Marketing from the Inside Out® is what drew me to work with Kinesis. I've long observed brands adopting a set of graphics as a "rebrand" without digging into the realities of who they are. Kinesis is committed to working with clients to determine what matters to them – and how we can best communicate those values internally and externally. Seeing the commitment to transformation present in every step of the process made Kinesis a great fit for me.

What is your favorite aspect of your role here?

I love crafting a company’s vision during our Strategic Planning process. Brainstorming solutions and working with a team to bring them to life is my greatest joy in this industry. I'm grateful every day to be in an environment where people want me to keep throwing crazy ideas at a white board.

What is life like outside of work? What do you most look forward to? What other interests do you pursue?

My family is a pretty big priority in my life, of course. With three kids I spend a lot of time playing Xbox and talking about puberty. My wife is a health coach with an unstoppable creative streak.

I've been an artist for my whole life and I regularly participate in art shows and events. My work would be well classified as Pop-Surrealist. I'm in the process of relaunching my video, but people can see what I'm working on by searching #TheJeffWester.

I am also the Oregon representative for The Saber Legion. It's a national competition lightsaber combat organization. We wear armor and use special combat lightsabers so we can compete at full speeds using real martial arts.

I also build prop replicas from sci fi movies. Besides creating prop-replicas of lightsabers from the films, I also 3D print props from video games and movies like Halo, Overwatch and the Avengers.


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