The Kinesis method for designing Web sites

A successful Web site is the result of more than mere aesthetics. To best serve your online marketing needs, Kinesis has a well-developed methodology that we have developed over our years in business. It begins with careful analysis of your customers, your marketing goals, and your industry. We then create the site architecture and design, before moving on to programming.

Whether your business is in Portland, Eugene, Medford or somewhere else in Oregon, Kinesis is committed to making sure your Web site is a powerful marketing tool to achieve your specific goals.

Below are the four phases in detail:

Phase 1: Define

Consultation Meeting: Kinesis meets with your team to discuss your website goals and objectives. We ask you about your online marketing objectives, your competitors, what makes your business unique, and who you are trying to reach. Kinesis will develop a map of your website, as well as the Home page Visual Hierarchy. This defines where each page will be located and the navigation structure for your site visitors to easily find their way around.

Website Planning: Our in-depth Kinetic Questionnaire is a tool to help you identify your vision for your website. We will ask you to describe your marketing goals, color preferences, site specifics, unique selling points, etc.

Website Architecture: As part of the initial process, Kinesis will develop a map of your website. This is an important tool to define the number of website pages and where each one will be located. It will also determine the optimal navigation structure for your site visitors to easily find their way around your website.

Search Engine Optimization (*highly recommended): If you have hired us for search engine optimization (SEO), we also begin researching your industry and using a special software to determine the top search key words and phrases that people are using to find your company. These will be incorporated into your site code, titles, and SEO-driven copywriting.

Phase 2: Design

Kinesis NEVER uses cookie-cutter designs. Our team will design a Kinetic Website for you with a look and feel that ties into your corporate branding and advances your marketing goals. Your new Web design will work to attract visitors and keep them coming back.

We will present you with 1 – 2 design concepts. The designs will have all of the architectural components defined in Phase 1 including the navigational architecture with usability best practices. If necessary, our team will fine-tune the design based on your feedback. Once you have approved the design comps and we have finalized the site navigation, we will carry this design through the rest of the site.

Phase 3: Development

During this phase, Kinesis will program the design through the entire site. This includes

  • populating all pages with graphics
  • coding any technical requirements including eCommerce functionality and interactivity
  • creating any Flash animations, dynamic menus, and multi-media elements
  • writing marketing-driven content for your site
  • integrating the search-term keywords developed in Phase one

Kinesis will upload the fully functional Beta test Web site that’s hidden from public view. This strategy allows you to review the site and copy and for us to test, test, test it to make sure that everything is working correctly in all Internet browsers. The Beta site review leads directly to launch. Any required user documentation is usually completed during this phase as well.

Phase 4: Deploy

Once we have completed the programming and testing of your new Web design and you have approved it, we will test your new Kinetic Website on current Internet browsers and upload it to your web-hosting server.

Congratulations – you are live!

Post-Launch Marketing

Once your site has been launched, it is important to keep your site up to date. We will work directly with your company to create a ongoing marketing plan to ensure maximum ongoing exposure of your site. We will also create an ongoing maintenance plan to ensure your site stays fresh and attractive to your target audience.

Be sure to take a look at our Internet Marketing and SEO pages to find out about our team can drive more traffic to your site over time using new technologies and online tactics.

We’d love to talk with you about designing your Web site. Call us at 503-922-2289 or e-mail us.