Smarter Marketing for Savvy Businesses

Over the last decade, Kinesis has guided many businesses in shaping their marketing message and brand image. We’ve taught companies to effectively leverage their brand and marketing strategies to increase profitability and client retention.

Unfortunately, many business owners are so busy RUNNING their business that they have no time left to MARKET their business. Instead of setting goals and pro-actively approaching the marketplace, owners initiate a series of semiconnected projects that only realize a fraction of the market opportunity. Projects take months to complete and end up following (rather than leading) the marketplace. This results in lost sales. Sound familiar?

To address this need, we’ve created the Kinesis Growth Program. This one-of-a-kind relationship ensures:

  • Maximum return on your marketing dollars
  • Quick response times and fast project turnaround
  • Less effort for you and your staff
  • Total transparency in billing and project direction

The Growth Program provides significant savings, value-added services, and a predictable way to craft an ongoing marketing budget. It helps your company make the best possible decisions by giving you quick and easy access to our marketing acumen and business-building expertise.

Market Smarter. Invest in Strategy.

At the heart of the Growth Program is the concept that a strong relationship yields lower costs, greater results, and a higher level of service. More than 10 years of business experience has shown the strength of this model for both Kinesis and our clients. We provide a proven, structured approach to assessing your marketing landscape, culture, and vision.

This analysis provides the foundation for developing powerful brand-driven marketing strategies and reveals lucrative opportunities. Clients that work with us on an ongoing basis realize substantial gains as we apply our knowledge and expertise toward developing, marketing, and selling new sources of revenue.

The Structure of the Growth Program

Kinesis develops highly-customized programs for our Growth Clients that fulfill the spectrum of your marketing and branding requirements. In exchange for your commitment, we provide significant benefits to your business including VIP treatment, immediate access, and value-added services.

You get continuity and consistency to your branding and marketing effort with ongoing access to expert graphic design, interactive, copywriting and consulting services. Kinesis constantly monitors your industry and business, looking for new opportunities for your company to increase its profitability.

We’ve structured the Growth Program as a scalable ongoing support contract for a 12-month investment. We develop a specific plan, based on our knowledge of your business needs and time commitment. Kinesis becomes your branding and marketing advisor – providing consultancy, priority service, brand stewardship, and graphic resource management on a regular, ongoing basis.

Here’s how it works:

  • You receive a certain number of hours each month
  • Your monthly hours can be used for new or current projects and cost is automatically debited monthly
  • Hours can be used for any creative services including consulting, research, design, programming, writing, and SEO
  • Hours may not be used for outsourced expenses such as printing, photography, illustrations, etc
  • Any additional hours will be billed separately every month at your same rate
  • Account management provides regular status reports on project progress and hours used
  • Growth Program hours may rollover from month to month

The Benefits of the Kinesis Growth Program

Top-of-mind, VIP treatment: Good ideas are priceless. By becoming a Kinesis Growth Client you are a big blip on our radar screen. Top Dog. Numero uno. You get all of our great ideas, all the time. We’re constantly thinking about new ways to get your business noticed and how you can to generate new revenue streams.

Account and project management: In addition to having our eagle eyes on your projects, you’ll also enjoy clear and frequent status updates. We’ll check in with you on a regular basis so you never feel in the dark about your projects.

No rush fees: Last-minute is a fact of life in marketing. While our planning prevents most panic projects, it’s nice to know you won’t pay extra to have the occasional fire put out. Our Growth Clients never get charged for rush jobs.

Costs less than one FTE: Most Growth Programs cost less than hiring just ONE employee. You get the talent and expertise of an entire team without the headache and cost of managing employees.

Expertise at your fingertips: As a Growth Client, you’ll have an ongoing relationship with Kinesis to support your branding and marketing campaigns. You’ll have a higher level of access to Kinesis principals, with our premium consideration to your ongoing goals. You can contact us for our strategic recommendations on your marketing and business objectives.

Our Growth Clients contact us with issues such as…

  • Can you develop a strategy for Social Media?
  • Can you write/edit this sales letter?
  • I need a presentation designed for a “big-opportunity” prospect meeting in two days.
  • Can you increase our search ranking in Google?
  • Can you come over and talk to our team about a new product launch?
  • We’re hiring a new marketing director and would like you to help us with the interviews.
  • Can you help us name and brand this new program?
  • How can we reach XYZ target audience? Let’s craft a campaign.

100% Risk free

We’re so sure that the Kinesis Growth Program will exceed your expectations that we’re offering a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee. It’s simple: if you’re not completely happy, just let us know. If we can’t fix the problem, we’ll wrap things up and refund any unused portion of your monthly retainer.

Your Ongoing Success and Growth

We are completely invested in your ongoing success. As a Growth Client, you receive our exclusive attention toward your short and long-term marketing goals. This promotes the ongoing health of your business. We help you add new products, services, customers, and revenue streams. And as your company grows, Kinesis grows with you.

Kinesis leverages our cross-industry expertise to proactively address new marketing challenges. We often see the same two or three tired marketing strategies being used within an industry. But “keeping up with the Joneses” isn’t good enough if you want to stand out. We can differentiate your company from competitors by providing fresh insights and perspectives. Once Kinesis applies this knowledge to your company, your results will quickly outpace those of competing businesses.

We designed the Kinesis Growth Program for businesses who are ready to propel forward at an accelerated pace. Your marketing will be cohesive and implemented with speed. We will work closely together to unify your business strategy, marketing, and day-to-day customer interactions. As a result of your commitment, you will realize increased customer retention, a quicker sales cycle, and an ongoing influx of qualified leads.

Call Kinesis at 503-922-2289 – let’s talk about marketing strategies to make your sales grow!