Your logo is the foundation of your brand

Welcome to Portland Oregon’s logo design and branding powerhouse. Kinesis excels in developing logos and branding strategies. We understand that your corporate identity plays a major role in selling your company and its products.

Every great brand identity starts with a really good logo at its core. Brand and logo recognition leads to shorter sales cycles, increased word-of-mouth advertising, and enhanced client loyalty. A strong and memorable logo and brand helps your clients remember that your company provides the perfect solution to their problems.

You want YOUR brand to be the one people remember

Your company provides exceptional service and products. Your logo brand should reflect your professionalism and quality. This is precisely the type of marketing power that Kinesis bring to our clients.

We build logos that are immediately recognized by prospects, clients, and referrers. Our marketing acumen is an asset that will help your company retain more customers, close sales, and fuel your growth goals.

We know not all logos are created equal, so we take the time to consider things like:

  • What is your brand archetype?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How can you instill trust (in your company) through your logo?
  • How will you be using your logo?
  • How will your logo help you to tell your brand story?

At Kinesis, we develop logos that will take your brand to a new level of excellence and help to differentiate you in your industry. Our experienced logo design and and branding experts will work closely with you to create logos that are visually simple, easily recognizable, and memorable. From the shape to the font to the colors, your new logo design will symbolize the core essence of your business.

View our logo Portfolio to see examples of our logo designs.

Are you interested in a logo design? Call us today at 503-922-2289 to set up a free consultation, or simply use our contact form.