Are you looking to improve your recruiting program? Want to turn your marketing from a tactical add-on to an engine for growth? Or just a fan of Thinking Big and bringing inspiration back to your team? Check out upcoming Kinesis events below, and be sure to check back often!



Recession Resilience with PNDC and Innovation Frameworks

9/20 | Portland, Oregon

You know the market is about to change again. In this co-hosted Executive Forum with PNDC and Innovation Frameworks, we'll explore how to position your business for success in that environment: how to find profitable market space, protect your margins, and forge connections with right-fit customers.

Construction & Commercial Real Estate Symposium

10/1 | Portland, Oregon

Curious where the commercial construction and real estate industry is headed? Come learn from the insights of over 500 industry veterans who’ve shared their thoughts and strategies for the coming year. This symposium, co-hosted by Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt, is a one-of-a-kind event designed exclusively for industry pros in Oregon and Washington.