Powerful brands create a competitive advantage


First of all, let us define how Kinesis views branding.

Here’s our creed: Your brand is not just a visual identity or logo – it is the entirety of your organization, reflected in your customers’ experience. And this includes your internal customers (aka your employees, interns, and potential hires) as well as your external customers.

Kinesis’ Job is to ensure that your brand is memorable and unique. This may include revising an existing brand, or developing a new vision for your company.

A strong and memorable visual brand leads to shorter sales cycles, increased word-of-mouth advertising, and enhanced client loyalty. Customers remember that your company provides the solution to their problems better than anyone else.

We fix bad logos, ugly websites, and tired brochures

Many clients come to Kinesis with the same concern: their logo or website or brochures are simply out of sync with their service offerings and level of professionalism. Now, any firm can design a pretty website for you. Some can even design a decent logo.

But few – very few – can truly capture the essence of your brand. Kinesis’ in-depth branding process ensures that our team “gets” your company, and that the designs we execute are a professional reflection of your business.

We make YOUR company the one people call

Your unique brand will be a sustainable asset that will help your company retain more customers, close sales, and fuel your growth goals. We build solutions that last.

To see specific examples of our visual branding work, please visit our design portfolio.

We’d love to talk with you about reviving your brand. Call us at 503-922-2289 or fill out our contact form.