What keeps you up at night?

Wicked Problem

wick·​ed prob·​lem   |   \ ˈwi-kəd ˈprä-bləm \

Noun: A “wicked problem” is one that presents a unique challenge, in that it often involves changing variables and no clear-cut solution. These wicked problems plague societies and individuals alike, but are particularly prevalent in a business environment.

What wicked problem is facing your business?

At Kinesis, we’ve worked with a number of small businesses ⁠— and have found that in particular, three wicked problems tend to keep business owners up at night:

Your company is the best-kept secret in your industry

You’ve created something wonderful ⁠— a unique product, or an attractive company culture ⁠— but nobody knows about it. How do you turn your business from a best-kept secret to the next big thing?

One customer is commanding all of your resources

An 800lb gorilla is wreaking havoc on your business ⁠— in other words, you’re at risk of client concentration. Learn how to diversify your client base so that one customer doesn’t hold all the cards.

Your competitive landscape has become commoditized

You used to have something special, but now your competition has caught up to you. How can you continue to differentiate yourself even when everyone else has what you have?

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