The story of two people with a vision


Shawn Busse and Wendy Maynard founded Kinesis in 2000. They shared a core philosophy: the current marketing paradigm doesn’t work. So, let’s do something different that actually succeeds at consistently growing our clients’ companies.

Today, Kinesis is a company of creative, dedicated, and motivated people who all share the same values. We focus our unique system of Growth-Based Marketing to create measurable results and priceless brand loyalty for our clients.

Shawn Busse, CEO

Kinesis CEO Shawn Busse has an incredible knack for finding opportunities in your business and turning them into new streams of revenue. No one does a better job with launching brands, systematizing tracking, and monetizing marketing efforts. Over the years, Shawn has led numerous transformational business efforts. He believes every business can realize profound opportunities by tapping into the people and values that underpin the organization.

Shawn grew up in Roseburg, Oregon with the cows (yes, he was in 4-H). Ever ambitious, he illustrated his first book at age 5, called “I Am Special.” After determining that cows make horrible art critics, he moved to Ashland, Oregon where he received his BA in Fine Arts from Southern Oregon University, and then attended Ohio State University for his Master’s Degree. His large-scale, site-specific installations have been featured in museums and galleries across the country.

Now living in Portland, you can catch Shawn leading brand initiatives, counseling business owners, or occasionally covered in drywall dust from his endless house remodel projects. An avid volleyball player and NPR fanatic, Shawn lives in NE Portland with his 3 chickens and dog, Cooper. Some say he’s determined to recreate the 4-H years.

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Read Shawn’s blog posts | Twitter: @shawnbusse | Kinesis Facebook page

Wendy Maynard, Strategic Director

A progressive thinker, Wendy has over two decades of experience as a marketing strategist, executive coach, and business writer. She continuously investigates what’s new in marketing and how it can benefit your brand. Wendy applies her big-picture concepts to ensure that your company is positioned as a thought leader and has a “deep moat” to attract and retain your best customers.

She works with business owners and executives to develop their leadership skills, build great cultures, develop strategy, move their goals forward consistently, and keep them on track. Her marketing and business articles have been featured in publications and on websites around the globe.

Connect with Wendy online

Read Wendy’s blog posts | Twitter: @wendymaynard | Kinesis Facebook | LinkedIn