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Running a business is hard. Seeking help is too.

Having trouble finding candidates? Bring in a recruiter. Struggling to engage those candidates? Consider an HR firm. Processes falling short? Perhaps an operational consultant. Need more customers? Maybe a marketing agency. Need more help? Call a CEO coach. Or join a peer group. Or engage a strategic adviser. Or read Traction. Or attend Vistage meetings. Or, or, or…

There is no shortage of experts, systems, or tactics available to small businesses. Around every corner there is a new book, consultant, or program promising to solve all your organizational woes.

While these resources can be useful, their impact on the business is sometimes limited. Why?

Business is complex.

You can’t tackle a challenge like “We need more customers” without also examining your sales process, people, and product. That spans strategy, operations, and culture — much more than one practitioner or methodology could solve.

One size fits none.

Most “best practices” were developed to serve companies that don’t resemble your business at all — meaning that the suggestions offered have nothing to do with your organization and its unique circumstances and challenges.


Introducing True North

Good strategy begins with an understanding of who you are, where you’re headed, and your areas of greatest strength and opportunity. But you can’t read the label from inside the bottle, and that’s where True North comes in.

Some models focus on silos, and don’t account for the dynamics that cause or sustain pain points. Others lack a strategic orientation toward remarkability and potential for the business as a whole. Unlike these limited approaches, True North gives you the insights you need to catalyze real transformation — tailored to you, and built to account for the complexities of your business.

Because once you find (and follow) your True North, your business begins to transform.

How It Works

Over the course of a few months, True North is designed to help you articulate your remarkability, uncover opportunities, and chart a path forward. Week-to-week, we’ll work closely with you and your leadership team to extract what’s already working well in your organization and where attention is needed.

Each True North is different based on your needs and priorities, but could include:


Customer & Employee Interviews

Hear from the people who know your company inside and out.


Competitive Brand Analysis

See how you stack up (and stand out) against your peers.


“WHO” Persona Exploration

Identify your right-fit customer / employee and what makes them tick.


Referrers & Centers of Influence

Discover where new business is coming from and how to get more of it.


Mission, Values,
& Vision

Get clear on what you stand for and how to articulate it.


True North Report
& Transformation Plan

Learn where your greatest opportunities lay and chart a course forward.

I came to Kinesis saying, ‘I need more sales, I need a new website.’ And they turned around and said, ‘Well, first you have to know who you are.’ It required a total shift in mindset. You have to focus on the foundation first — once that part is clear, everything else falls into place.

David Nichols

david nichols

Loupe CEO & Co-founder

Is True North a fit for you?

If you’re ready to create meaningful change in your organization, you’re in the right place. Start a conversation by filling out the form.

One last thing…

True North will set you on a course of transformation. If Kinesis can help with that transformation, excellent. But if we uncover opportunities that would be better addressed internally or with a different resource, we’ll tell you that too. The goal of True North is to catalyze your success however possible.

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