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There is no such thing as an "easy" logo design

There is no such thing as an "easy" logo design

We often get new clients who come to our company in need of a new identity for their company. And we are so happy because Kinesis excels at logo design. We absolutely thrive on the creative and strategic aspects of it.

However...sometimes we get a person who comes in to our studio with what they call an "easy" logo project that they want us to simply "whip up." They think it will be very straightforward because they already know what they want as a concept. Erg. The problem with this thinking is that there has never been nor will there ever by an easy logo design - not one that is well executed.

Let me explain why....

Suppose you are a client who comes to Kinesis and you are called Monkey Mechanics. (I apologize if there is a company out there called Monkey Mechanics - I made it up for this post).

So, as the owner of the fictional Monkey Mechanics, you say to our team. "I already have the concept so it will be easy for you to simply whip it up. I just want a monkey with the words Monkey Mechanics." {CRINGE}

Let me explain a bit about the concepting process of creating a new company logo using Monkey Mechanics as an example. There are so many variables that our design team considers. I think once I begin to detail the process, you'll understand why there is no such thing as an easy logo.

Using the client's desire for the image of a monkey, there are many, many variations we could create of a monkey including illustrations, abstractions, photographs, water color, or vector images. We could also design monkey imagery that conveys an emotion to the viewer such as whimsical, serious, contemporary, old-fashioned, aloof, naturalistic, bored, and so on. Next, there is the monkey itself - we could choose a chimpanzee, gibon, rhesus, gorilla, squirrel-faced monkey, orangutan, or colobus. Then there is the actual position of the monkey - it could be standing, sitting, playing, interacting with other monkeys, working on a car, smiling, frowning, growling, winking, or yawning. Lastly, there are a myriad of colors we could incorporate into the logo, as well as all of the font choices that we would use to support the concept.

To demonstrate my point, here are a just few examples of the many varieties of monkey pictures that I came across:


As part of our process with each of our clients, we have a thorough assessment process. We ask them about the personality of their company and how they would like to be perceived. We find out about their target audience. We gather a lot of information because we want to make a logo that is not only well designed, but that also captures their company's personality. And our process works very well. It's always effective, but never as "easy" as one might think.

Best, Wendy

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