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By September 1, 2015

The power of a simple “Great job!”

Here’s a simple marketing strategy: recognize your people for their efforts.

Say “Great job!” or “Well done!” or “Nice work” or “Thank you!” to your employees when they do a good job, when they demonstrate mastery of a skill, when they try something new, when they mentor someone else, when they show up early to work, when they stay late to finish a project, when they step out of their comfort zone, when they beat a deadline, when they save your company money, when they make your company money,and when they beat their goals.

Choose your employees carefully. Compensate them fairly. Then guide them, trust them, respect them, treat them well.

Be kind, show compassion, smile, listen, care.

Your employees will respond by continuing to be great performers. They will serve customers remarkably, solve problems nimbly, work cooperatively, and elevate their game continuously.

Colleen Barrett, former president of Southwest Airlines says it wonderfully: “Employees are our first customers.”

When you treat your employees well, they deliver amazing service to your customers.

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Wendy Maynard is the co-founder and former Strategic Director of Kinesis, an award-winning marketing firm and business consultancy. She has over two decades of experience as a marketing strategist, business consultant, and executive coach.

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