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Kinesis wins PBJ’s Fastest Growing Company Award four years in a row

Kinesis wins PBJ’s Fastest Growing Company Award four years in a row

PBJ Fastest-Growing Private Companies


The Pacific Northwest is rapidly evolving into a hub for private companies. So in this crowded climate, it's not just growth, but sustained growth that counts. And once again, Kinesis has been recognized for our steady progress: we've ranked in the Portland's Business Journal's Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies for the fourth year in a row!

To celebrate, the Kinesis team partied Wild West style at PBJ's event for the 100 winners. Complete with big hats, pointy boots, and a mechanical bull, the hoedown was a fantastic ride.


We’re also buzzing with excitement for two of our clients who made PBJ’s list: QPL and Pacific Energy Concepts (for three years running!). We extend a huge congrats to these companies. Kinesis’ clients are truly remarkable!

Building to last: it's in our blood

Commonly, quickly-expanding companies can plateau or burn out completely. But we're not just surviving – we're thriving. Kinesis is part of the mere 5% of businesses in PBJ's list who have ranked four consecutive years in 2015.

Our growth rate of 86% over the past two years has allowed us to expand our staff and welcome more clients. Yet, as quickly as we’re evolving, we continue to recognize the importance of sticking to our core values and cultivating a culture with purpose. Kinesis CEO Shawn Busse takes these values to heart.

“Hire great people and work with great clients. Honestly, I believe that’s the true cornerstone of a successful business," said Shawn. "While we’ve grown quickly, it’s also been measured and strategic. We aren’t growing so fast that our employees are hurting or quality is suffering. I’m a big believer in marathons over sprints.”

We’re making a conscious effort to continue evolving over this next year, and we look forward to the road ahead. A huge thank you to all of our clients and supporters for joining Kinesis in our mission of transformation and for helping us get to where we are today.

Read a full interview with Shawn Busse on winning the PBJ Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies award in 2014 – and learn more about the drivers behind Kinesis's success.

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