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Karah Lockman Joins the Kinesis Family!

Karah Lockman Joins the Kinesis Family!

Karah Lockman

Karah Lockman

Execution Team Leader

You can connect with Karah on LinkedIn.

2014 is off with a bang here at the Kinesis headquarters. We’ve settled in to our new office space, and – on top of getting set up for our upcoming house warming party – we’ve made progress on filling one of our empty desks!

On that note, please join us in welcoming Karah Lockman – the most recent addition to Team Kinesis!

Karah is our newest Execution Team Leader (ETL), or - for those of you with raised eyebrows - the Kinesis version of a “project manager.” This means Karah will be working closely with our strategists, our clients and our production team to facilitate seamless communication and management of projects. Sounds fun, right?! We sure think so.

The truth is, the ETL position is part of the “make it happen” department here at Kinesis – and, given her career success in project management roles across a number of industries, Karah is the perfect fit.

Prior to joining Kinesis, Karah served as the Project Manager for United Fund Advisors (UFA), a Portland-based fund manager and financial services company providing tax-advantaged investment capital and advisory services for community development and renewable energy projects nationwide. As Project Manager, Karah tracked project outcomes and community benefits, and oversaw all communications and marketing initiatives related to UFA’s work and community development projects.

If you know Kinesis, you know that we’re “slightly” obsessed with finding and hiring the right fit employees for our company, and helping our clients to do the same. That’s because we firmly believe that finding the right people is the keystone to building a great business. And as we grow, it’s more important than ever to build a team that Thinks Big, Shares the Good, and Does the Right Thing. Karah embodies each of these core values, and we’re thrilled to welcome her to the Kinesis Family!

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