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By February 4, 2009

How to Create a Website that Sells

Creating a successful online presence eludes many professional service firms. Sadly, these companies are losing time, money, and customers with their company websites.

If they’re fortunate, many organizations wind up with an online brochure.

But, some end up with much worse.

I have reviewed many websites that make me a bit queasy. These firms offer high-end professional services, but their website looks like someone’s 15-year old nephew slapped it together.

These websites lack aesthetic appeal and they do nothing to sell the company’s services. In fact, they might be actually be doing harm.

How many potential customers visit an unprofessional website and are so turned off that they click away?

A recent study shows that 83% of online users who immediately leave a website do so because they can’t find what they need (source: Arthur Andersen).

Organizations greatly benefit from having an online presence that reinforces their professional brand and the high-end experience their customer enjoys in person. In addition, the website must have navigation that allows visitors to quickly find exactly what they seek, with content that keeps them engaged.

This requires a lot of planning and thought, with a clear understanding of the objectives and the audience that will be using the website. From this foundation, the website can build community and conversation. And it can work to build a company’s brand, not hurt it.

In our recent website for Delap, a Portland accounting firm, we created their online brand through careful planning, assessments, and a design that reflects their mission and values. The resulting website serves as a fantastic first impression for visitors looking to learn more about how Delap can help them with their finances.


In my next post, How to Create a Website that Sells – Part 2, I’ll discuss the fundamentals of planning and developing a successful online brand for professional service firms.

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