Office Hero

Do you love helping others succeed? Do you thrive in a learning, transformative environment? Are you looking for a position that provides that next-level opportunity to grow in your career? If so, read on!

office-hero-coverThe Office Hero is that special person who works tirelessly to ensure their teammates have everything they need to win the day. Moving easily from to-do lists to one-off errands, this person looks to make Kinesis a finely tuned machine. And, unlike most administrative assistants, the Office Hero is a pro-active-fix-things-before-they-break guru.

For this position we’re hiring an early-career professional eager to learn the ins and outs of a professional marketing firm. You’ve worked in an office environment before (so you know the essentials) but are looking for the career springboard that surrounds you with talented, driven, A-players that match your commitment to hard work. This means:

The world is filled with task-masters – 90% of them won’t be a fit for Kinesis. However, if you’re part of that rare 10% that is driven, loves to work with people, and is organized for success, Kinesis could be the place for you.” If you can answer, “Yes!” to the following questions, you’re one of us:

We want every Kinesis candidate to say, “That job was written just for me!” If you’re EXCITED by this opportunity, we can’t wait to hear from you.

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