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15 Blog Posts from 2013 That Will Change the Way You Run Your Company

15 Blog Posts from 2013 That Will Change the Way You Run Your Company

best-posts-feature-imageHere at Kinesis, we’re starting a new tradition to close out the year! We’ve put our collective brains together, and identified some smashing content from our blog and across the interwebs from the year… It’s the year in review!

Check out the list below, where we’ve compiled the best content from the Kinesis blog, as well as our favorite business and marketing articles from brilliant authors we admire (be sure to follow them on Twitter – we’ve included links).

best-posts-1Two types of Proposals, Which One is More Persuasive?
by Steve Martin (@scienceofyes), Influence at Work

Why it’s important: Knowing more about the psychology of numbers will help you determine a price for your offers that your clients are more likely to accept. A precise rather than a rounded opening offer can be a potent strategy to close deals.

best-posts-2The Right Way to Execute Your Strategic Plan
by Dorie Clark (@dorieclark), Marketing strategist

Why it’s important: Most strategic plans fail to deliver their intended results. Often, the problem isn’t strategy, but how it’s implemented. This article provides 3 keys to achieving goals by ensuring your entire organization is working toward accomplishing them.

best-posts-3Why Small is Better Than Big
by Jonah Berger (@j1berger), Marketing Professor

Why it’s important: As a small business, it’s hard to survive for the long haul. Here are 5 great tips to help you beat the odds by turning potential weaknesses into competitive strengths.

best-posts-4Top 7 Referral Marketing Ideas
for Professional Services Firms

by Lee Frederiksen (@HingeMarketing), Hinge Marketing

Why it’s important: Referrals are the centerpiece of most professional services firms’ marketing agendas. Everyone wants more of them. This article provides solid, research-based referral marketing ideas.

best-posts-5Create True Customer Loyalty: 10 Rules
by Geoffrey James (@sales_source), Author

Why it’s important: Customer loyalty comes from having a strong relationship with your customers. When they see you as a friend and ally, they're reluctant to jump ship, even if it means they can get something a little cheaper.

best-posts-6The Real Costs of Keeping a Toxic Employee
by Will Yakowicz (@WillYakowicz), Inc. Reporter

Why it’s important: Toxic employees can cause extensive damage in your company. This article provides four ways “bad apples” can derail your revenue, leadership, and teams.

best-posts-7How to Retire Like Richard Branson
by John Warrilow (@JohnWarrilow), Built to Sell

Why it’s important: Many business owners make the mistake of equating retirement with the time they dream about to start doing fun things. But, you don’t have to wait – you can start living in “unretirement right now. Make your list of what you want to do when you “retire” and figure out how to restructure your life while you still work.

best-posts-87 Subtle (Yet Powerful) Techniques to Boost Your Brand on Social Media
by Ritika Puti (@ritika_puri), Content strategist

Why it’s important: Brands that are thought leaders get more exposure on social networks because they're offering valuable content and resources that people actually want to share. Personal connections plus great content are what will ultimately drive viral activity.

best-posts-9Employee Engagement: Where Do We Begin?
By Wendy Maynard, (@WendyMaynard), Kinesis

Why it’s important: When you support people and their daily progress, they become happier and more engaged. Engaged employees are more productive and motivated – they produce higher quality work, take fewer sick days, and stay with your company longer.

best-posts-106 Things Really Thoughtful Leaders Do
by Kevin Daum (@awesomeroar), Consultant/Facilitator

Why it’s important: A little effort can make a big difference in gaining the respect that goes with being thoughtful. Here are 6 traits of really thoughtful leaders for you to emulate.

best-posts-11How One Entrepreneur Faced His Biggest Fears –
Clients, New Work, Scorpions! – and Found Hard-Fought Success

by Paul Jarvis (@pjrvs), Web designer and author

Why it’s important: All entrepreneurs face some common fears. In this article, the author provides empathy, along with a plan for dealing with fears in a productive way.

best-posts-12The #1 Mistake Entrepreneurs Make
by Michael Lazerow (@lazerow), Entrepreneur

Why it’s important: Focus is not an easy thing for most entrepreneurs. Instead, they are flooded with hundreds of ideas that would be fun and exciting to pursue. But by training your “focus muscles,” you can change the world.

best-posts-13The 7 Principles of Conversion-Centered Landing Page Design
by Oli Gardner (@Oli Gardner), Unbounce Co-founder

Why it’s important: This article provides great detail on how to persuade a visitor to complete your conversion goal using design. It provides specific tips on how to drive a landing page visitor’s attention toward the desired area of interaction.

best-post-14Customer Service: The New Proactive Marketing
by Hulya Aksu (@HulyaAksuDC), CEO

Why it’s important: Customer service can be a proactive tool any business owner can use as part of a marketing, advertising, or revenue-increasing plan. We should strive to listen and be present with our customers – they are our biggest advocates and largest source of referrals.

best-post-1510 Ways Today's Purpose-Driven Brands
Can Bring Their Core Values To Life

by Jessica Blotter (@publiclyloved), Freelance business writer

Why it’s important: Today’s brand must live and breathe through its core values in order to survive. This article provides 10 ways today’s purpose-driven brand can bring its core values to life in every day operations.

We hope you enjoyed our 2013 blog roundup (be sure to share the good by sharing them with your community as well!).

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