Mine is Yours


Your mother, your teachers, and Dr. Seuss all know this truth – sharing is a good thing. One of our core values is Share the Good. This means that we foster collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

The Kinesis team prides itself on playing well with others. We continuously bring good ideas and best practices to our clients, our coworkers, and the community around us. This may sound like a platitude, so the best thing we can do is give you an example…

Share the good, in action.

One of the big problems that we see in professional services firms is employees who hold back the growth of the company. Perhaps you can relate. There are certain employees who whine, bring drama to work, consistently under-perform, make  too many mistakes, need way too much hand holding, and/or rub other team members the wrong way.

Conversely, an A+ player – in any position of your company – will help grow your revenue, bring new ideas and solutions to your organization, make other employees enthusiastic, and consistently infuse your business with optimism and energy.

The ability to make good decisions regarding people represents one of the last reliable sources of competitive advantage, since very few organizations are very good at it. ~Peter Drucker

Kinesis has worked long and hard to develop our own unique Hiring Process that selects the best person for each position. There are many steps and components to this process; however, we now consistently attract, hire, and retain A+ players.

Because our clients also want top talent that reflects their brand, we help them design their own Hiring Process by sharing our forms, tools, knowledge, interview questions, personality profiling resources, and much more.

The result of Sharing the Good is that our clients have a great team. They no longer hire poor-performing employees who drag down morale. Instead, they enjoy an amazing culture that is magnetic to both great employees and loyal customers.

Play well with others & share your ideas

And this is only one example of how Sharing the Good accelerates our client companies. Imagine what else we’ve got in our toolbox to share with you…

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