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Senior Strategist Spotlight: Marcella Vail

Senior Strategist Spotlight: Marcella Vail

Marcella Vail

Marcella Vail

Senior Strategist

You can connect with Marcella on LinkedIn.

We’re thrilled to introduce Marcella Vail, our new Senior Strategist and the most recent addition to Team Kinesis!

Marcella comes to Kinesis with more than ten years of strategic marketing experience. Her expertise and “make it happen” attitude are exactly what we’re looking for in an employee, and we’re excited to see her in action!

In her role as Senior Strategist, Marcella will be working with clients to develop actionable marketing and business strategies, as well as spearheading Kinesis’ internal business development efforts.

Prior to joining Kinesis, Marcella served as Sales Strategy & Marketing Manager for Perkins & Co, Portland’s largest locally-owned accounting firm. In this role she focused on niche marketing strategy and execution, helping the firm rollout key initiatives and innovative creative campaigns. Marcella also served as the Marketing Manager for Storables, Inc and as Vice President of Executive Support & Meetings/Events on the Employee Engagement Team at Washington Mutual Bank.

Marcella recently led rebranding for Albertina’s Restaurant and Shops, and serves on the Marketing & PR Committee for the new “Albertina’s Place.”

At Kinesis, we firmly believe that finding the right people is the keystone to building a great business. And as we grow, it’s more important than ever to build a team that Thinks Big, Shares the Good, and Does the Right Thing. Marcella embodies each of these core values, and we’re thrilled to welcome her to the Kinesis Family!


Visit our website to learn more about how Kinesis is changing the marketing paradigm for small businesses. Interested in joining the Kinesis family? Check out our Career Center.

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