imagine total transparency


Most people don’t trust marketers. We understand the reasons. Marketing is an industry long on promises and short on delivery.

Mass marketing is often a thin veneer designed to mask the mediocre products and services just below the surface. It bombards you with manipulative information designed to play on your fears.

We don’t think that’s acceptable. Kinesis is a company where “integrity” means much more than a tired motivational poster. Action speaks louder than words.

Do the right thing.

At Kinesis, one of our core tenants is “Do the Right Thing.” This means that each and every decision our team makes is held to this standard.


Here is how we put it in action:

  • Make a mistake? Own it.
  • Realize there’s a better way? It’s time to make the change.
  • Don’t have an answer? Admit it and find a solution (as opposed to making something up).
  • Make a promise? Keep it.

Our team lives the values we profess. And powerful things happen when you build a culture of high expectations and clear sense of purpose. People enjoy their work, deeper relationships form, and trust builds.

The more people you inspire, the more people will inspire you. ~Simon Sinek

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